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Happy Fall/Happy Hobbit Day!!

There’s been hints of it in the air lately, but fall is finally upon us!! 😀


Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite season. The weather’s perfect, there’s the king of all holidays (I’m looking at you, Halloween, you sexy bitch!), cider and donuts, spooky activities galore, hoodies and scarves to be worn, and horror movies and books to be devoured.

Aaaaand today being September 22nd also means that it is none other than Hobbit Day!!


Hobbit Day celebrates the mutual birthday of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, and if you don’t know who they are, you need to get yourself schooled because you’re missing out on some good shit.

These guys know how to party.

Sorry to be crass, just stating the truth.


8 thoughts on “Happy Fall/Happy Hobbit Day!!

  1. Now I want to listen to “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard” on loop for ten hours. Yassss! September is my favorite month of the year; it’s the herald to my favorite time. I love Halloween, but I’m also a bit of a Christmas Goth. Nostalgia and memories will do that to you. Crap…I need to work on my Halloween costume!

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    1. Yay for Halloween costume planning! Do you know what you are going to be yet? I feel like such a slacker because I’d have normally started crafting/working on my costume by now. I’m throwing around some zombie makeup ideas for a local cafe’s zombie event they’re hosting, but otherwise haven’t made any actual plans yet. 0__o

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      1. Well when I saw Star Wars TFA I decided right then and there I was going to be Finn, because it would be super easy, and much easier than my MLP Rarity costume last year, buuuuut I’m a such a perfectionist when it comes to costumes (just for myself. I am not a costume/cosplay shamer. I hate that nonsense grrr) so I want everything to be on point, and Finn wears Poe’s leather jacket, which is kind of expensive 😦 Money is a bit tight this year, and I really can’t justify spending upwards of $200 on it, which is what I’d have to spend.

        Ack it’s like $189 on Amazon. My finger is SO itchy to just buy it *resist* All I would need afterwards is black clothing (yeah…I have that) and maybe a blaster and light saber. I wouldn’t even need to wear makeup. Gah someone talk me out of it lol.

        I was considering doing the newest gem fusion from Steven Universe Smokey Quartz because I could cobble that outfit together super easily. If all else fails, I can always fall back on being a dark angel. I can make that outfit every day of the week.

        I usually figure out what I’m going to be fairly early, but I’ve been slacking this year, too. There’s an art to zombie makeup so don’t sell yourself short with that!


      2. Cool costume ideas! I had to look up the Smokey Quartz character because I’ve yet to see Steven Universe but that looks like that would be a fun costume to do! CupcakesandMachetes and I just had a couple ladies telling us how good that show is yesterday actually. I definitely wanna check it out.
        Good luck with the costume-making!

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      3. Ahhh that show is SO good. I got into it a year ago I think? It’s one of those made for kids, but enjoyed by adults shows. I watch it on, which is free (in the States at least and I assume elsewhere), which is where I watch all my cartoony obsessions hehe. I figured if you didn’t know who the character was you’d either ask or utilize the google :p I really want to do a Rose Quartz costume from the same show.

        Good luck with your costuming, too!

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      4. Thanks! 🙂
        Oooh, I’ll have to check out that website. Good to know!
        Yeah, cartoons are awesome. Anyone who insists they are just for kids is really missing out, or just not bothering to explore all the different wonderful animations out there.

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