Whatcha Reading: Golden Son

Having an awesome best friend is great. Having an awesome best friend who has an uncanny knack for recommending good books is even better!

The aforementioned best friend would be none other than my fellow blogger, Cupcakes and Machetes. You can read some of her reviews on some of said good books at her blog.

Years ago, when she thrust her copy of A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin into my hands and demanded I read it, I listened. I regret NOTHING. It launched an addiction to the books/shows/fan theories/basically all things even remotely connected to ASOIAF/GOT.

I think this comic appropriately sums it up for most of us who read ASOIAF per a friend’s recommendation. 😛

From then on I knew I could trust in her book suggestions. So when she recommended Pierce Brown’s YA sci fi novel Red Rising to me I heeded the call and gave it a read back in 2015.

It. Was. Great. Here’s a link to Red Rising’s Goodreads page so you can learn more about it!

Now I’m reading the second book in the Red Rising trilogy, Golden Son. I literally just started it today so I can’t say too much about it yet other than that it holds your interest right off the bat and that I am already into it. 🙂

I don’t know why I waited so long to get around to reading the sequel, but it seems an appropriate read for the end of November (aka- Sci-Fi month!)

10 thoughts on “Whatcha Reading: Golden Son”

  1. *delighted screaming* Ahhhh another Game of Thrones buddy ♥♥♥ Are you caught on on the books and/or show? I can’t wait for The Winds of Winter to come out, but I’m not like many others angry at him for not being finished. You understand this, too; how writing takes forever and life gets in the way.

    I haven’t read, er, Red Rising so I skipped over the Golden Son portion of this, but I may have to add RR to my list.

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    1. Yeee! GOT buddies unite!! 😀 Yes, I’ve read all the books and seen all the episodes of the tv show and am anxiously awaiting more content on both of those fronts. 🙂 I agree, writing is a huge challenge and his books are so long and detailed with so many intertwining plots that I can see why it takes so long. As long as it’s as great as his other books when it comes out I’ll be happy! Yeah, RR is good. I think it was definitely worth reading!

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      1. I went on a GRRM kick a few months ago. I read Windhaven, which was his collaboration with Lisa Tuttle, a name that sounds very familiar because it’s where he got Lysa Tully from. He had an interest in Lisa, but she spurned him so he used her name for a very shrewish and paranoid character lol. Then I read his Dreamsongs collection and added a bunch of his other works to my TBR list. I have Fevre Dream on my shelf, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

        I’m hoping TWOW will be good, too. I need to reread them all. I started the great reread of the first where I took extensive notes, but I had to scrap that for a while due to time constraints. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the fifth book when I first read it, but I decided I’d give GRRM the benefit of the doubt and look at the novel like a bridge of sorts. He’s trying to get his characters from one point to the next and that’s what lot of the fifth book is. I really want to know how much of the story the show has spoiled. I know it’s not going to be exactly the same, but some major things like the Hodor situation (and omg how heartbreaking) are going to be that. That…changed…EVERYTHING.

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      2. Wow, that is really interesting about the Lysa Tully thing. I never knew that! lol I’d be so mad if THAT character was even remotely named after me! 😛 I really need to venture into GRRM’s other works like the ones you mentioned. I’ve only read his ASOIAF books thus far. Yeah, I really do wonder too what the show has shown from the coming books, or what they just kind of did on their own. Hold the door . . . lol I don’t want to cry like a baby again by having to read that. But I’ll do it, damn it! “The things I do for love . . . of a good book series.” *shoves my heart out the tower window* 😛

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      3. Right? I only found that one when I read his Dreamsongs. The first few in the first volume are really rough. I barely slogged through the very first one and decided to forgo the rest until the next section. They get better as they go along. I really want to read Tuf Voyaging, Dying of the Light, Fevre Dream, and a few others some of the YouTube bloggers I follow rave about.

        I think “Hold the door” is going to happen in the books. That is totally something Margin would come up with and has! Two shorts “Unsound Variations” and oh, this other one about psychic mutants in the future putting their minds into past soldiers have the same theme.

        Excellent use of puns. Ten points to Gryffindor!

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      4. Haha Thanks for the pun appreciation! 😛
        Oooh, I just added Dying of the Light to my TBR list. I’d never heard of that one before. I know his book The Ice Dragon is aimed for younger readers but I wanna read that one too. lol It would be interesting to see him writing to such a young audience. And it has dragonssss! 😛

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      5. It is, but there’s some heavy themes in it, still! If you get the chance pick up his Dreamsongs. There are two volumes, and the first one has The Ice Dragon along with a bunch of other awesome stories. I’m a huge fan of The Second Kind of Loneliness and The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr. Then there was Nightflyers, which was just creepy, but still fascinating. You can see aspects of ASOIAF in all of these stories, too. He really just gathered all of his favorite tropes together for his magnum opus.

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