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Review- Birthright, Vol. 1: Homecoming

Having just read and enjoyed volume 1 of Birthright, I figured I’d take a moment to share some thoughts on this lovely graphic novel that I went into so blindly.


You know how sometimes you read a story and you can literally guess everything that is going to happen before it actually happens?

Not this story.

Admittedly, I had the benefit of going into this knowing nothing about it. I was laying on my boyfriend’s couch and asked him for something to read and he went to his bookshelf, plucked this one from his collection and handed it to me, no explanation offered.
I enjoyed this epic fantasy greatly. It had multiple twists and nice worldbuilding with interesting fantasy races and creatures. I would definitely be interested in continuing the series. The art was wonderful as well.


It’s a quick read, so it is easy to finish in just one sitting but it gets the job done in that amount of time, leaving the reader satisfied but still eager to read more.


7 thoughts on “Review- Birthright, Vol. 1: Homecoming

    1. Nice! Yeah, it was definitely worth checking out in my opinion. I know what it’s like to have that lengthy TBR list looming in the background though, tempting you to add just one more little title to the list. What’s one more it says? Mwahahaha 😛

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      1. lmao Hell NO I wouldn’t get up and get it for myself. I was bundled up in blankets on the couch like a little human burrito. I wasn’t ruining that. Couch nesters for LIFE! You know what I’m talking about! 😛

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