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Powerless: A Review So Far

If you’ve ever read a comic or seen a film involving a super hero fight scene you know that these clashes of power rarely lack in the collateral damage department. We’re talking office buildings with all the windows smashed out, flipped or crushed cars, buses being thrown through the air like they’re nothing, and that’s all just by Tuesday.


Well, the new NBC show Powerless is all about the little people who deal with that damage. Set in the DC universe, this comedy TV series follows perky optimist Emily Locke (played by Vanessa Hudgens) as she takes on her new job as Director of Research & Development at Wayne Security. Yep, Wayne Security, as in part of Wayne Enterprises. If you are no newcomer to the DC universe you’ll already be well acquainted with the name Wayne. No, not the famous rapper, Lil Wayne, we’re talking the playboy billionaire, Bruce Wayne, silly!


In the show, the employees of Wayne Security are the people who come up with various products to help everyday helpless citizens feel a little bit safer in a world full of clashing super villains and caped crusaders. Our main character Emily spends the first two episodes trying to fit into her new workplace and make friends with her eccentric new co-workers, including her spoiled, rich, man-boy of a boss, Van Wayne (cousin to Bruce Wayne, or as Van calls him, B-dubs”), played by Alan Tudyk.


I personally have really enjoyed watched the first two episodes of this show. It’s a lot sillier than I think most people would expect from a DC series, but if you just embrace the fact that it is meant to be ridiculous I think you’ll find that the show has a lot of fun charm to it. It’s got a quirky sort of vibe and the effects are mostly pretty hokey, but it isn’t meant to be all badass. It reminds me sort of if you took a work comedy like The IT Crowd, threw in some DC comics goodness, added a dash of cheesy but fun viewing pleasures like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Beakman’s World and threw it all into a blender. All still while managing to be fun and fresh. With that all said, I will definitely continue watching.





10 thoughts on “Powerless: A Review So Far

    1. lol Thanks for reading! Yeah, I think the show is definitely worth checking out. I could see some people not liking it because it isn’t serious enough for their personal taste, but it’s totally meant to be like that. 😀
      Haha yeah, you think people would be in a hurry to move out of cities like that. I’d like my personal property to stay in tact, thank you! 😛

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  1. Awesome! Really looking forward to watching this, and it’s great to see the lesser known Crimson Fox in the first episode, she was great in the 80’s Justice League Europe comic book run, and IT Crowd is one of my favourite comedy series ever (along with Spaced and Black Books, which are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen them my friend) 🙂

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    1. OMG I absolutely adore Spaced! It’s such an awesome and underrated show. 😀
      Yeah, Crimson Fox so far I think gets mentioned in the show more than any of the other heroes. 🙂 It’s cool that they don’t just have love for the big names that everyone and their grandmas know. lol

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