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Rapid Fire Book Tag

I came across this tag done by none other than The Shameful Narcissist Speaks and just had to give it a go! Yay, books! Anyone is welcome to join in on the fun and do this themselves as well. 🙂



That’s right, I like both. I love going into book stores and libraries. I love how a collection of books looks displayed with pride on one’s bookshelves. I just love books! That said, I’ve been on the kindle bandwagon since the first kindle came out. I love the convenience of being able to take a bunch of books with me wherever I go without having to worry about damaging them. I love being able to download sample chapters for free to see if I like the writing style of a new author before I purchase it. And I love having access to countless stories at any given time without even having to leave the house. Plus, there are a lot of money-saving perks to getting books on the kindle.


Paperback. Don’t get me wrong, hardback books can be gorgeous and all, but this one simply comes down to cost in the long run. Paperback is cheaper.


In-store. I know I said I dig the convenience of being able to buy books on the kindle without having to leave the house, but that is just for the convenience. I absolutely love book stores. Used book stores, thrift shops, big chains and independent book stores. (This pertains to comic book shopping as well.) I have my mother to blame for this. We always went book shopping together when I was growing up. It was like an unspoken oath that if we went out for a girls’ day out, there were going to be book shopping adventures. This is a love I share with my best friend, and our ideal BFF dates always include books AND coffee or ice cream. Point being, amazing adventures and memories are to be had in book stores, so get out there and revel in your bibliophile ways!



Doesn’t matter to me. Take as many books as you need to tell your story so long as you tell it well and keep me invested in it as a reader.


Villains, duh. Though I love me a good antihero, too. 😉


I’m one of those sadists that always tells people they should read A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. Like the little devil on their shoulder, I urge them into it and when they finally give in and read it I sit back and wait with a smile on my face for them to thank me while simultaneously hating me for the emotional turmoil they go through while reading it. Same thing applies to the show, Game of Thrones. But, hey, I’m only paying it forward though, since Cupcakes and Machetes did it to me first. 😛



Dweller, by Jeff Strand. A book that stirred such a range of emotion in me while I was reading it. This tale of a bullied boy who befriends a literal monster he encounters in the woods is definitely more than meets the eye. It manages to disturb you at times and then touch your heart at others. I actually cried a couple times while reading this book. This novel was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel in 2010, so it has received recognition, but I feel like it’s still one that not a lot of people I have encountered have read or heard of so I included it here as an “underrated” book.


Well, the last novel I finished was Clovenhoof by Heide Goody and Iain Grant. The last comic book I finished was volume 2 of Saga.


Oh, jeez. lol What haven’t I used as a bookmark at this point? Hmmm . . . I’m going to say the floppy disc coasters at my boyfriend’s place. He got a set of them on his coffee table and I’m always using them in lieu of an actual bookmark when I’m over there.

kind of like these ones from ThinkGeek.



Sure, why not? I have plenty of great used books. 🙂


Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, and any blend of the three and their sub-genres. I also like science fiction, I just haven’t read all that much of it (yet).


Either or. I would love to be able to buy every single book I read to support the authors writing them, but it just isn’t practical for me at this point in my life. But I regularly borrow and lend out books with my friends, check them out from the library, and purchase them when I can.


Ooooh, tough question. I love a great plot but I’m going to say characters if only for the fact that I can deal with a book that is sort of lacking in the plot department as long as the characters are done very well, but I can’t stand flat, boring characters that I don’t find myself caring about as a reader. If the reader don’t care about the characters it doesn’t really matter what peril the writer puts them in, does it? That said, I love a brilliant plot, too. Give me a great plot AND great characters and you’ll have a fan for life. 🙂


I’d probably say a long book if I’m really drawn into the story. There’s nothing worse than being so into a book and then noticing that there just aren’t enough pages left for all the things that you know still need to happen in the story. But if they can leave you with a satisfying ending, a short book is fine too.


Well, the first books I think of are the ones I’ve just discussed in this post so far, so for the sake of not being redundant I’ll ignore those and pick the first book to come to mind from each of my top genres I previously listed. So, a book that springs to mind in the fantasy genre: Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor. For historical fiction, of course the one I am currently reading comes to mind: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. And for horror, House of Corruption, by Erik Tavares.


Well, I already mentioned that Dweller made me cry several times. I think it also made me laugh too if I remember properly (it’s been a while since I read it). There’s a particular scene in George RR Martin’s A Dance with Dragons that made me tear up a bit. Other than that, none particularly come to mind.


Depends on the world. lol There are a LOT of problems in the real world today, but I wouldn’t want to add zombies or demonic beings to the mix. Some fictional worlds are awesome though, so yeah, depends on the book.


I’ve listened to a few, but I usually read books rather than listen to them. I appreciate the fact that I can multitask while listening to an audiobook, though. That’s pretty awesome. It also really depends on the narrator of the audiobook though. If they just drag the story along at a slug’s pace in a monotone drone or just can’t keep my attention then I quickly lose interest and zone out.


Yup! lol I know we shouldn’t, but I think that’s just how it goes sometimes. We see something that draws our attention or we find attractive and it causes us to pick it up off the shelf and look into it. That doesn’t mean I won’t read a book with a plain, or even ugly, cover though. I’m just more likely to notice a flashy cover.


I’ve really been digging book-to-TV adaptations. They tend to be less rushed and more detail oriented when done properly. But films can be done really well too, so it just depends on the series and the creators/cast/budget/etc.


There’s something special about reading a series. You get to fall in love with the characters, the world, and the story and not have to say goodbye once you finish the last page. You get to revisit these things in the sequels and build on them. Standalone books can be great too, but I’m going to say series for this.

11 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Book Tag

  1. Isn’t this a fun tag? It was quick but compelling lol, and thank you for Dweller. That sounds amazing, and I just added it to my TBR list. I think everyone should read ASOIAF, too, but I’ve run into quite a few people who don’t like it for some reason or another. They don’t like that it jumps points of view each chapter. They think every character is reprehensible, which I think is honestly due to the fact that most stories have heroes who are heroes and villains that are villains, but Song is on a continuum. If I could pick a fantasy novel that most exemplified how people really are, Martin’s epic would be it. I’ve used that as an explanation, and you can’t imagine the amount of push I’ve received because of it. I think looking into a mirror that dark is too much for some folks. I also acknowledge i might be a pessimist and cynic, but I think Martin nails it with his portrayal of human nature in all its varieties.

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    1. It really was a lot of fun, and nice and quick as you said. I’m so excited that Dweller has made it to your TBR list!! ❤
      I could not agree with you more about the realism of GRRM's characters in ASOIAF. 🙂 Humans are not 100% good or 100% evil and should not be written as such in my opinion. I love the evolution of his characters, too. If someone had told me that at one point I would actually come to enjoy Jaime's character when I was reading the first book I would have slapped them and called them a liar. lol

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      1. What he does with Jaime is nothing short of amazing. He takes an arrogant jackass and reveals how much more there is under the surface and WHY he acts like that, but he doesn’t use that as an excuse for his behavior. Jaime still has to answer for his sins, even though the “answer” is very illusive narratively. I remember listening to someone talk about his maiming, and there was really no practical reason for doing it. Cutting off Jaime’s hand would only serve to enrage Tywin, and you see how Roose Bolton does all that he can to distance himself from it. It’s like Jaime and Cersei start out on the same level in terms of hatred, but through the five books, they both move worlds apart. It’s nothing short of amazing.

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      2. Too true. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how much more the characters will change and grow throughout the rest of the series. It really is amazing when you think of how many characters there are in that series and just how much character development GRRM had to think of and put into them, and then all of his worldbuilding and plot twists on top of it all. It’s incredible, really.

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      3. I have no idea how he juggles them all. I will say that his earlier works are all over ASOIAF though, so I think he reiterates and retells things in many cases, but still putting it all together is a daunting and amazing feat.


  2. Awesome book tag! My apologies for not being able to comment yesterday, however, with work and Valentine’s day I was seldom able to really pick up my laptop yesterday lol. I really love reading book tags as they provide you with a glimpse into the bloggers taste. I feel that I have not read enough books to do one of my own so I am formally making it a goal of 2017 to read enough books to be able to do a book tag! Thank you for your post!
    -Luna 🙂

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    1. Oh, no worries at all! ❤
      I think that's a really nice goal and incentive for this year! 🙂 Any idea what sort of books you might enjoy reading? Any particular genres? Best of luck with your reading goals. I hope you get to do that book tag, they really are a lot of fun! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cool. 🙂 A couple suggestions I have if you’re interested would be checking out Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor:
        Or the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.
        They’re both really good reads that drew both me and my best friend in right off the bat when we read them. 🙂

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