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Back On Track & 1 Sick Girl Hack

Soooo Tired. Sooo very, very tired. I was up most of the night last night coughing my brains out, but I still managed to continue my writing frenzy and smash my writing goals Hulk-style. The two days I was without power due to those crazy Michigan winds really put a damper on my word count goals, but now I’m back on track! Germs be damned!


I’m just relieved that I’m where I need to be with my word count now and can go back to writing at a much more normal pace. And the Necro Rhino writing challenge is almost at the halfway mark!

Also, for a random little side note, I thought I’d share one of my odd (but very helpful) sick girl hacks. It sounds weird, but people who wind up trying this after I’ve told them about it agree that it does wonders. So, ya know how constantly blowing one’s nose often results in chafed, raw little noses? A cheap, easy little remedy for this is to simply get a plain stick of chapstick specifically for applying to the bottom of your nose. I know it sounds weird, but it seriously helps. I even put an “N” on the cap with sharpie so I know that that tube of chapstick is specifically for that purpose. Trust me, give it a shot next time you get sick with a runny nose and you’ll never go back to suffering from a raw nose again. Plus, it’s really quick and easy to apply. Anywhoooo, I’ve got some sweet Nyquil calling my name and then it’s off to bed for some glorious (hopefully) sleep.



15 thoughts on “Back On Track & 1 Sick Girl Hack

  1. Have a good night’s rest. Hopefully this night will be better. Bring sick sucks but I’m glad you were able to keep up with your word count!

    Feel Better soon,
    -Luna 🙂

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  2. I hope you feel better soon. I don’t get sick, I’m no superman, more your Darth Vader type, but I told myself years ago that I won’t get sick anymore. So now when I feel a cold or flu coming on I just say nah I’m fine and I am. Power of the mind I guess. I’m glad the word count is going well. On another note, I started watching “the girl with all the gifts” holy Christ it’s really cool. I only managed half the movie because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Hmmm note to self, tell myself not to get tired, power of the mind haha. Anyway Part 1 was ace. I haven’t read the book but I am thoroughly enjoying the film. Part 2 will be this week at some point so I’ll give my proper review then. 🤧😷😴

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    1. Oh, awesome!! 😀 I’m so glad to hear you’re digging the movie so much! I hope you wind up liking the second half just as much and I really look forward to reading your review of it.
      And thank you for the well wishes. 🙂 I envy your ability to dodge the sick. lol I have a better immune system than I used to, but I still succumb to germs from time to time I’m afraid.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂
      haha Yeah, I’m not even sure why I did it one day, but I guess desperate noses call for desperate measures. Now it’s as much of a cold & flu essential as cough drops, tissue, and cough syrup! 😛

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  3. I made the mistake of trying the chapstick hack with Blistex medicated lol. I have super sensitive skin, and I’ll break out if someone breaths on me wrong, so I’ve gone through many of those little, blue pots. I can definitely attest for the chapstick hack, but just not with medicated Blistex. It feels like a mint monster attacked your nose.

    Glad to see the sick didn’t put a damper on your word count!

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    1. Thank you!! 🙂 Agh, that sounds awful with the medicated Blistex!! :O
      I’ve put scented lotion on my nose before when it was all chapped and it stung soooo bad. lol Oh, the things we’ll try when we don’t feel good. 😛

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