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Bedroom Talk ;)

Inspiration hit hard last night and I wound up staying up and writing until a little after four in the morning. AND I had to work in the morning and get some other important things done throughout the day, so basically my brain feels like oatmeal at this point.

635922870959869057363218052_od pic 10

But ya know what? I regret nothing. 😀 It was a really productive writing night so I was totally willing to deal with said oatmeal brain today. Nothing a large mocha ice cappuccino couldn’t fix. Or at the very least make moderately more manageable. 😉


Now I’m ready for what will hopefully be a good night’s sleep, but first I wanted to talk a bit about sleep. Like sleeping habits, quirks, and whatnot. So get your jammies on (or your birthday suit if you’re one of those nocturnal nudists) and let’s get into some bedroom talk! (Ha, you thought this was going to get smutty didn’t you? Oh, you dirty bird, you.) In all fairness, I warned you I had oatmeal brain, so you have no one to blame but yourself if you’re still reading at this point.


I don’t know about you guys, but I am a total pillow junkie. I have seven pillows on my bed all to myself, as well as my Iron Man Tsum Tsum that doubles as a super soft, comfy pillow. (I also keep a Spider-Man one at my boyfriend’s place for when I stay over there because his pillow count just wasn’t up to my apparent princess-and-the-pea-level of demands.) 😛

PicMonkey Collage tsum tsum
My naps are the nerdiest.

I looove blankets too. Especially really cozy comforters. Even in the summer. But not just because they’re warm and comfy. I have this weird phobia of something crawling into my ear at night while I’m sleeping so I pretty much always have to sleep with the blankets (or at the very least, a sheet) pulled up and over my ear. It may sound crazy but you hear about that sort of thing happening. *cringe*


I never claimed my brain was a normal brain. I’m also prone to really odd (at best) dreams, as well as horrifically graphic nightmares. I’ve dreamed about my leg rotting off before and me manically clawing away at the decaying flesh and pus until I reached the bone. There was also an incredibly disturbing nightmare about a terrifying, red-faced John Travolta and a trailer park. I’m not even going to go into that one any further.


So, what about you guys? Any sleeping necessities, quirks, or bizarre dreaming habits of your own you’d like to share? 🙂 Let’s talk sleep!



30 thoughts on “Bedroom Talk ;)

  1. I love sleeping and naps. I took one today when I got home from work since I could barely keep my eyes open there. I have what I lovingly refer to as “the dirty pillow.” It was this pillow I bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that was on sale because it was a little stained, so it’s name from that day forward has been thus. I, too, must have a blanket even in the middle of summer. It’s a heaviness thing for me (if that makes any sense). Like sheets aren’t heavy enough. I have to have something of substance covering me or I can’t sleep.

    As for dreams/nightmares, yeah…I’m on that train, too. I’ll have falling dreams (like lots of people do), but I’ll wind up landing on swords or spikes and wake up at that moment. Impaling seems to be a theme unfortunately. I also seem to chase cats quite a lot. No clue what that’s about. Of course now that we’re talking about dreams, I can’t think of any more of my regulars. Probably because I’m tired. Oh, the irony!

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    1. Omg I hate falling dreams, and mine aren’t even as bad as yours sound what with being impaled and all! I love the randomness of your cat-chasing dreams. Minds are weird places. lol
      Thank goodness for fans/AC for us blanket people in the summer! 😛

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      1. I have no idea why I’m always chasing cats! I think it’s my fear of me losing my cats maybe?

        Omg I know. It was nearly 90 degrees today in my corner of the world. Too hot too soon! I think it’s going to be cooler the rest of the week thank goodness.

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      2. Oh, wow! Yeah, 90 degrees is way too hot. :O That’s crazy. It was pretty chilly here today, but all in all not too bad. It’s mostly just been raining a lot. Glad to hear the heat is going to let up for you soon!

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      3. It’s much better here today. It think it only hit 78, and it’s quite lovely. My one cat is sitting in the window. Yesterday, they were both splayed out trying to stay cool. Poor kitties. I adamantly refuse to turn on the AC in April. It’s obscene, and it’s supposed to be in the 60s/70s the rest of the week.

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  2. I tend to suffer from bouts of insomnia, it comes and goes but most nights I usually sleep a maximum of 5 or 6 hours. I’m with you on the creepy crawly ear thing, I always wear a (comfy) pair of headphones when I go to bed to counteract any such attempt and shut out ambient noise.

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    1. Oh, no, that has to be rough getting so little sleep. 😦 I used to have a really hard time sleeping for years but now I’m like the nap/bedtime queen. lol
      Nice to know I’m not alone on the ear thing! Headphones are a good idea, especially comfy ones that cancel out background noise. I grew up with a brother with autism who likes to stomp around a lot at night (not in an angry way or anything, it was just something he liked to do) and his room was right above mine so I have never had a problem sleeping through just about anything. lol

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      1. My noise cancelling headphones are my best friends! 🙂 I hate noise, cannot concentrate on anything if I can hear outside cars, music, voices, etc. The headphones I currently use cut out an astonishing 90% of ambient sound… they have saved my sanity indeed! 🙂

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  3. Hahahaha Great post! First off I totally agree. When you get the urge to write you have to stop everything and just get your thoughts out. If not, you may not remember the ideas that you were thinking before and then your story would take yet another turn lol.

    On to the reall topic I think everyone has some sort of sleeping ritual. For myself I HAVE to have my pillow with me. It’s a security thing I know but since I was a kid I’ve had to have my favorite pillow. Obviously the pillow changes every decade (not even over exaggerating lol) but I have to have my pillow feel a certain way. I buy the perfect pillow with feather down and then I literally have to beta it up for about 3 months. I’m talking top rope wrestling moves, punches and kicks (is this a judgement free zone?). I cannot sleep without it. I have woken up and left someone’s house at the crack of dawn because I didn’t have my pillow. I take it with me everywhere and even pack it into my luggage for trips hahaha. That’s my quirkiest sleeping habit. Sorry for the long reply but I meannnnn…. it’s true hahaha.

    -Luna 😀

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    1. Thank you! 😀
      lol No judgement here. 🙂 I can appreciate a good pillow just as much as the next person (as well as the necessary wrestling moves to get the pillow just right!) 😛
      And yes! I agree, better to write it all out then risk forgetting it. (I’ve done that more times than I care to admit!) lol

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  4. As much as I need it, I severely dislike the time that I lose to sleep. That’s my time. Imagine the sheer level of productivity I could exude by not needing to sleep.

    Reading this though has cranked up the sleepy notch just a bit more for me.

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    1. Omg, I know exactly how you feel! Some nights I have a real love/hate relationship with sleep. I think about all I could get done, just as you said, if I didn’t have to sleep the night away, but on the other hand I love a good, comfy night’s sleep. lol

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  5. I have the blanket thing too! Although I can’t even sleep with a sheet. It has to be a comforter, the heavier the better. It’s pulled up to my ears, and sometimes around the top of my head. It’s not about spiders, it’s about ax murderers. Because obviously they can’t get through the force field that is a great comforter!

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    1. lmao Yes! I’ll admit, ax murderers are never far from my mind either at bedtime. I like to sleep with one foot sticking out from the covers sometimes but then I always get too scared and pull it back under the blankets because I’m afraid of someone grabbing it or chopping it off! lol Nice to know I’m not alone in this! 😛


  6. Rituals: MUST pee before bed. Even if I don’t have to pee, I squeeze it ALL out! (And then still end up getting up once a night to pee anyway. >_<) Must remove socks (unless it's freezing). Must have a U shape of pillows. One for my head and one on each side baby!
    Nightmares/Dreams: Next time we talk on the phone don't let me forget to tell you about my pregnant Samus dream. There's a long explanation up to it and it was really freaky.

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    1. Omg I hate getting up in the middle of the night to pee. So annoying. Ha! I didn’t know you did the U shape pillow thing. I do that sometimes, usually if I’m cold. Woah, a pregnant Samus dream? That’s pretty weird. Yeah, you’ll have to tell me about that one!
      lmao Ya know, now that you mention it, that picture should totally be your official spirit animal. 😛

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  7. LMAO!! 😂 I absolutely love that last pic with the Powerpuff Girl lol! I have to say I’m the opposite when it comes to pillows and sheets. I don’t sleep with many pillows, in fact I sometimes opt not to use one. Same thing with sheets unless it’s cold. Then I become a bundled snowman. I do agree with you on the dreams part though. Many of my dreams are like novels, but every now and then I’ll get some that make me think “this is what it must be like to be on an acid trip”. Completely random, sometimes colourful, and often pretty creepy/scary.

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