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Last Time I . . .

Decided to do a post about recent “Lasts” because why the heck not? πŸ™‚

Last Thing I baked: Last night I had the chocolate craving to end all chocolate cravings so I baked fudge brownies with chopped up Milky Way candy bar in it. I’d never tried making brownies with chopped candy bar in them, but I will definitely do it again. The bits of Milky Way were so melty and delicious!

Truer words have never been spoken.

Last Book I finished Reading: I recently got around to finally finishing Golden Son by Pierce Brown (second book of his Red Rising Trilogy). It was so good! I liked it even better than the first one. 5/5 stars!


Last Photo I Took: Caught Bailey after she had crawled into my travel bag and made a bed out of it. It’s a poor quality pic because I took it with my crap-tastic phone, but it was too cute not to snap a picture of. πŸ™‚


Last Song Listened to: The Birthday Massacre- In the Dark.

Last Movie I Saw In Theaters: Power Rangers! lol Yeah, I went and paid adult dollars to go see it. (Actually my boyfriend did, but still, don’t you judge me.) πŸ˜›


Last Food I Ate: Nachos! Had them for dinner earlier. πŸ™‚


Last Outfit I Wore: I’m in my pajamas because whenever you get home for the day and don’t have to go anywhere it is considered “Fuck Pants O’clock”. My pajamas make no sense today, I’ll admit it. I have on an old Cannibal Corpse band T-shirt with light blue Pajama bottoms that have cute little penguins all over them. Murder on the top, Cuteness on the bottom!

If you want to answer the same questions in the comment area, feel free to have at it! Perhaps we have the same tragically mismatched taste in bedtime attire, or both enjoyed a bounty of nachos for dinner? Only one way to find out! πŸ˜›


Last Thing You Baked?

Last Book You Finished Reading?

Last Photo You took?

Last Song You Listened To?

Last Movie You Saw In Theaters?

Last Food You Ate?

Last Outfit You Wore?


22 thoughts on “Last Time I . . .

  1. Last Thing You Baked?
    Does a toast count?
    Last Book You Finished Reading?
    Kazar The Savage #14, because comic books are books too.
    Last Photo You took?
    I accidentally pressed the wrong button and got a blurry mess of nothing when I was trying to exit the camera setting.
    Last Song You Listened To?
    Foo Fighters – These Days
    Last Movie You Saw In Theaters?
    Last Food You Ate?
    Last Outfit You Wore?
    Depends on the definition of ¨outfit¨, I just wear the first thing I grab out of the closet. I think the last one was a pair of black pants (why is it a pair of pants if its only on anyway) and a red T-shirt with the Death Star on it and a sign that says under construction please check back later.

    You asked and to everyoneΒ΄s eternal regret I answered.

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  2. Haha a good read. That video clip was creepy. Last thing I baked? Errrr does opening a a few beers count?
    Book: Zombie survival guide.
    Movie: Just watched Alice in Wonderland with my three year old but last one at the theatres was Beauty and the Beast. Yep I’m a Dad with three daughters.
    Song: Spit by Sepultura
    Last photo was of my dorky little miniatures for my blog haha.
    Last outfit would be the one I’m wearing now. Shorts and Ramones Tshirt. Err what else? Last food was hot cross buns with the three year old as well 😊

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    1. Nice answers! Beer can absolutely count as a baked good. Yeast is involved in bread AND beer, so why not? πŸ˜›
      Ah, I used to own a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide! I was so shocked when I found out that Mel Brooks’ son was the writer of it.
      I love Alice in Wonderland (and Beauty and the Beast)! Did you guys watch the old animated Alice in Wonderland or the live action one?
      I’ve never actually eaten hot cross buns, I’ve only ever played the song back when I was in band class. πŸ˜›

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      1. What…? His son wrote it? Haha news to me. We watched the movie of Alice, with Anne Hathaway. Not bad. Beauty in the beast wasn’t my cup of tea at all but all my girls loved it. Beer is my favourite food group hehe. Hot cross buns are amazing. The plain ones not the choc chip or fruity ones. I’d eat those too of course but plain are the best.

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  3. Kitty photos are the best thing ever even if they are fuzzy. Cats get into everything and the way they often contort their bodies is both impressive and laugh-worthy.

    Sometimes I wear my fuzzy SpongeBob pajama bottoms and a Sephiroth t-shirt, so I understand your taste for cuteness and murder. I don’t know why I’m still wearing pants tbh. I don’t work tomorrow and I’m home for the night. I go between going straight for comfy clothes and hopping on my computer to do things. This night was the latter. What is wrong with me.

    Now I want nachos :p

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  4. Awesome post! Btw that brownie meme is from that Van Halen cartoon right (the name escapes me at the moment lol).

    Last Thing You Baked? – Shepards Pie for my team meeting a week ago. My “Famous” shepards pie as they would call it lol.

    Last Book You Finished Reading? Allegiant- The Divergent Series. Currently I’m reading Dark Blood but I have no time it seems lol. I’m almost finished with is though.

    Last Photo You took? My Wrestlemania Photos and videos hahaha. So many memories. When I get some time I’m going to make them into a collage with music or something.

    Last Song You Listened To? Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood. I love them so much and this song is life lol.

    Last Movie You Saw In Theaters? Would have been the Fate of the Furious tonight for my team member preview but I bailed on it lol. Soooo Beauty and the Beast!

    Last Food You Ate? Checkers! I know Checkers is not healthy at all but it was really good mmmm. Their fries are the best.

    Last Outfit You Wore? Blue and Black Sweater Shirt with dark blue jeans. It’s hot here ut at work it’s like Antarctica hahah!
    This was fun and btw I really want to pay adult dollars to watch Power Rangers! I hear it’s really good. Thank you for the fun post!

    -Luna πŸ˜€

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    1. Thanks! The brownie meme is from an Adult Swim show called Metalocalypse. πŸ˜€ I haven’t watched it in years but my friends and I used to watch it constantly. lol
      Nice answers! And omg, yesssss, Checkers fries are amazinggg! lol I’m so jealous.

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  5. Last Thing You Baked: I honestly cannot cook to save my life… do baked beans count?
    Last Book You Read: Batwoman Rebirth #1… and it was Bat-tastic!
    Last Photo You Took: Salem my cat in the back garden looking moody!
    Last Song You Listened To: The Cult – Sweet Soul Sister.
    Last Movie Seen: Don’t actually go to the cinema often unless it’s something I can’t live without seeing immediately, so it was the awesomeness that is Batman v Superman.
    Last Food You Ate: Quorn vegetarian burgers… lovely!
    Last Outfit Worn: Black jeans and my beloved Suicide Squad T-shirt.

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    1. I’m so jelly you’ve read Batwoman Rebirth. I wanna read it sooo bad!
      Aww, Salem!! So cute! πŸ˜€ Cats pull off the moody look so well. People are never as adorable when they look so moody. lol
      Omg you’re like the only other person I’ve talked to who likes (or even knows what) Quorn is! I love their “chicken” patties and “beef” crumbles. lol

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      1. Yes indeed I love Quorn, we have another company that does vegetarian exclusive food over here in the UK called Linda McCartneys, which are also great! not sure if it’s available where you are my friend but if it is, it’s highly recommended! Both the Batwoman Rebirth #1 one shot and the first issue of the ongoing title were fantastic… definitely worth seeking out. πŸ™‚

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  6. Last Thing You Baked? Chocolate cupcakes
    Last Book You Finished Reading? Finding Me.
    Last Photo You took? Samus looking horribly depressed that Zelda wouldn’t allow herself to be herded.
    Last Song You Listened To? Ghostriders in the Sky by Johnny Cash
    Last Movie You Saw In Theaters? Rogue One
    Last Food You Ate? Coffeeeeeeee!!!
    Last Outfit You Wore? In my jams. Pink star shirt, Star Wars pajama bottoms that you got me. πŸ˜›

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    1. Ha! I just saw that photo you mentioned on your blog. So cute and funny at the same time.
      Yay for the Star Wars jams! πŸ˜€ Have you seen the new Star Wars trailer that just dropped? So much excite!

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  7. Damn so many people baking cupcakes and that’s enhancing my cravings on disturbingly deeper levels!!!

    Bailey is so adorable isn’t she? Such a cuddly bubble! 😘✌

    Last book would be: There’s always a price tag

    Pic : a mirror selfie attempt that didnt come out too well.

    Song : Rockabye

    Outfit : pyjamas for life! 😏✌

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    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ Yeah, she can be pretty cute and cuddly but also a total monster when she wants to be. I guess she isn’t really that bad, but she likes to pester sometimes and knock things over for fun. lol
      Nice to know you’re part of the PJs for Life Crew. We didn’t choose the cozy life, it chose us! πŸ˜›
      Hope you get to have that cupcake you’re craving! πŸ˜€

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