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Grumble Grumble . . . Cancellations . . . Grumble Grumble . . . Mini Rant

Ughhhhhh, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV so when a show I really like gets canceled it results in me being the crabbiest crap sandwich to ever crab around town. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still, you get what I’m saying.


Not too long ago I did a couple reviews for two shows I’ve been enjoying called Sweet/Vicious and Powerless. Well, I just found out that Sweet/Vicious has been canceled, and that though it apparently isn’t 100% “official” yet, Powerless seems to be heading down the same path.

WHYYYYYYYYY?!?! Why can’t we just have nice thiiiings?!


Sweet/Vicious was so good, well-written, and so damn relevant. I really hate to see it go. I’m hoping to see it picked up elsewhere through Netflix or Hulu or something because it would really be a shame to lose out on the great characters and the positive impact this show is capable of having on people. It took on several major issues that affect countless people including rape/sexual assault and racial injustice, and still managed to have a light and funny side to it as well. It was the perfect blend of light and darkness.

Powerless -Season 1

Oh, and Powerless, you sweet little cinnamon bun of a show. Please, say it ain’t so. I can’t bare to lose you too. 😥 This is one of those shows where it is impossible to remain in a bad mood when you watch it. I just love it. It’s cute and funny with some really good jokes and amusing characters. It’s definitely cheesy at times, but in a good way. It’s meant to be silly.

Anyway, mini-rant over. I normally try to keep things pretty positive here, but I just had to vent those little frustrations.


34 thoughts on “Grumble Grumble . . . Cancellations . . . Grumble Grumble . . . Mini Rant

  1. It is a shame. Television executives don’t care for quality so much as they prioritise ratings and thus more revenue. Idiotic cancellations are the unfortunate result. I’m still pissed off a bout Firefly and that was fourteen years ago!

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    1. Agreed. It’s really too bad. 😦 Firefly is one I’ve not yet seen but it’s on my to-watch list for sure. My boyfriend loves it. Funnily enough, Alan Tudyk from that is also in Powerless. He plays a cousin to Bruce Wayne, and he’s hilarious.

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      1. I don’t think Alan Tudyk has much luck when it comes to show cancellations. The same goes for his fellow Firefly cast member Summer Glau. Their shows just don’t stick around for long and I’m certain it’s not because of them.

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      2. That’s too bad. 😦 I’m glad at least that it doesn’t seem to deter them from continuing their craft. Watching Powerless definitely made me want to check out more of Tudyk’s work!

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  2. Gosh this is so true I’m still sad of the cancellation of The Whispers it’s like it hurts us the most cause we don’t watch tv, it’s not like we have four or five other shows, we are committed to what we like… 😟😟😟

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    1. Very true! I’d never heard of The Whispers before but I just looked it up and it sounds really interesting. And it had Lily Rabe in it! I love her in American Horror Story. 🙂 That’s too bad that it got canceled too. 😦

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  3. I know the feeling! I haven’t seen the shows you mentioned, but one of my absolute favourite shows was Pushing Daisies…it was cancelled years ago but I still can’t watch it without having an internal hissy fit over there only being 2 seasons!

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    1. Oh, no! That’s so frustrating! It especially sucks when they get cut so early like that since it tends to feel like they just didn’t really get the chance to attract enough viewers to appease the TV bigwigs. It’s such a shame to see good shows kicked to the curb so soon.


    1. Oh, no! Sorry to hear this has happened to your fave shows so many times. I was so mad when I heard about Sweet/Vicious getting axed and then I heard about Powerless and it was just like, “Oh, Come ON!” lol

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  4. Ugh that blows. I had Sweet/Vicious on my list to read, and I would’ve totally added Powerless. Netflix has been losing a bunch of shows I like, because they can’t get their contracts straightened out, and that’s a bummer, too. I hope these two are picked up by someone :\

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    1. lol Those seem to be two really popular examples people have been mentioning! I’m going to finally have to set aside some time and get my Firefly on. My boyfriend is always talking about how good it was, too. 🙂

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      1. It’s a bittersweet experience…because it’s so great and then it’s just…over. Be prepared to be pissed at the fact that when it’s over…it’s over. 😦

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