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WTF Dream of WTF-ness

My dream last night was insane. Like, I don’t even know what the hell my brain was thinking when it came up with this one. I actually had a few WTF dreams last night since I woke up several times throughout the night, but THIS one takes the cake.)


So, in dreamland it was apparently my BFF’s birthday. Yup, fellow blogger and my real life bestie, Cupcakes and Machetes was a major part in this dream. Sorry, Lady! No one is safe in this ol’ noggin when it’s sleepy time.


Aside from diving with great white sharks and seeing an Alice Cooper concert for her birthday festivities, we went to this huge theater to see some new and highly anticipated film made by these guys:

PicMonkey Collagejjjj.pngYup. Neil deGrasse Tyson and Ron Friggin’ Swanson from Parks and Rec (please note it was literally the character Ron Swanson and not the actor) made a movie together. As we took our seats, Tyson and Swanson started going around to all the movie-goers and signing photos of themselves with jumbo Crayola markers. (Apparently even in my dreams I say “Rose Art products be damned!”) This is where things take a sudden turn for the worse in my dream.

Dream version of C&M is absolutely losing her mind with excitement at this point as Ron Swanson comes over to sign her picture. Like, she is fangirling as hard as any fangirl has ever fangirled. Things are going great, right? WRONG! Suddenly he rolls his eyes at her, scribbles all over her picture and then throws that jumbo Crayola marker right in her face like a massive jerk. Dream version of me then proceeds to absolutely lose her damn mind and takes Ron Swanson on in a straight up FIST FIGHT. Like, bloody knuckles and everything. It was insane. Please bare in mind that in real life I’m quite the pacifist. Plus, Ron Swanson is an awesome character! I’ve never actually punched anyone in real life, so it was like Dream Me was making up for lost time. Imagine the fight scene in Fight Club between Edward Norton and Jared Leto, and I’M Edward Norton.


So, yeah, pointless post about a very strange dream. lol Sorry, guys. It was just too odd not to share. 😛


18 thoughts on “WTF Dream of WTF-ness

  1. Sooo I’m guessing you won then lol 😝. I think the creative types have the most bizarre and vivid dreams lol. I’ve had my share of totally awkward 😁


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    1. lmao Yeah, haha, I totally did win the fight in the dream. Real life would have been an entirely different story. My boyfriend likes to tell me I’m about as tough as a marshmallow anytime we wrestle and I try to act all tough. lol And that’s interesting about the creative types having the most bizarre dreams. I’d never thought of that before, but it makes a lot of sense!!

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  2. Can I just say that I love how your subconscious is as awesome and utterly creative as your conscious mind? This really is a WTF dream but it is so fun to read, until that crayon throwing happened. I wonder what Neil deGrasse Tyson did during all that 😄

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    1. Hahaha Thank you! 😀 Yeah, Tyson was just kind of shuffling around near the lower seats and not getting involved in the fight if I remember right, so thankfully Dream Me didn’t have to fight them both. 😛

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      1. Awe that sounds adorable, actually 😄 Can you just imagine if all of them were your emotions ruining a shoot they’re having in your Dream Productions just like in Inside Out?? 😁

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