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A Series of Blah Blah Blah’s . . .

I’ve got a teeny bit of free time right now so I’m gonna just share some quick updates! Here they are, in a quick succession of brief blah blah blah’s:

Blah #1: The new job is going great. 😀 I love being a program instructor and my class and team make me enjoy going to work every day. ❤ Plus the schedule is fantastic and I’ll never have to worry about working holidays or weekends.


Blah #2: Had a great weekend with my boyfriend. 🙂 We went and did a lot of things this Friday and Saturday (like see the new shark movie 47 Meters Down at my insistence). lol Sharks are my jam, what can I say? We also played a bunch of Shovel Knight which was a lot of fun.


Blah #3: I failed at doing a Father’s Day blog post in honor of my dad like I did for my mom. I got to spend time with him though and we watched Star Wars movies and I gave him prezzies for being such an awesome dad. We had a nice dinner, too, so it was all good. 🙂


Blah #4: The new job (combined with the one I had) leaves me without as much free time so I’m doing me best to keep up here. If it takes me longer to post or comment and stuff that is why. I still love blogging and chatting with you guys! ❤

Blah #5: I haven’t done a writing update in forever here mostly do to lack of time, but I haven’t given up! I just need to find a happy balance and figure out ways to squeeze more writing time in. Hopefully I can do a proper writing update again soon.


That’s it for my quick little updates. I hope you’re all having a great week. Feel free to share any recent blah’s of your own! 😀


27 thoughts on “A Series of Blah Blah Blah’s . . .

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the writing updates on here as we’ll be here to read them whenever you’re ready and have a little time to write them. The main thing is that you had a great weekend, got to celebrate Father’s Day, and that you’re new job is going so well, that’s fab! 🙂
    Caz x

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    1. Thanks, Cheila! 🙂 Yeah, sort of. It’s through the same company, but different jobs. One is at a day program for adults with special needs and the other is a one-on-one case in home healthcare with an individual client. It’s working out really well so far and leaves my weekends free which I love. Plus the people I work with are amazing. ❤

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  2. Haha when it’s my Father’s Day (September) I always insist my three daughters watch Star Wars with me. Which they really don’t like but I explain it to them like this… All year I play barbies, I watch contour make up youtubes, I watch their girly plays and dances, I smell their different flavoured lip glosses and advise on my favourite, I listen to Ariana Grande in the car with them, I dance with them, I do allllllll these things. So for one day a year sit your arse in the chair and watch as many Star Wars movies as we possibly can while I eat a bucket of chicken and drink beer. Fair deal???? Haha. I’m glad you’re liking the new job. Can you explain what it is eacactly?

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    1. lmao That sounds totally fair to me! 😛 You sound like such an awesome dad, and Star Wars marathons makes for a great Father’s Day tradition. My dad looooves the series and saw the very first one when it originally came out in theaters. I got him Rogue One for one of his Father’s Day gifts since he hadn’t gotten to see it yet.
      Oh, and as for my new job, sure I can definitely explain it! 🙂 I’m a program instructor for adults with special needs. It’s a very school-like setting and we do all kinds of activities and go out into the community. I absolutely love my job. I also do another part-time job with the same company, working one-on-one with an individual where I provide home healthcare.

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    1. Oh, yikes! I’m with ya on the spider thing. *cringe* They’re so damn creepy! lol
      And thank you! Yeah, the company keeps right on surprising me with all these great things they do for their employees and the people who attend the program. It’s just run so well, and by people who really care. 🙂

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  3. Blah #1: Completely moved out of the old place, cleaned it and turned in the keys.
    Blah #2: I hate going to work now because I just want to spend time at my new place and get it organized and unpacked!
    Blah #3: Super pumped for our girls weekend! 😀

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  4. Having a job you not only don’t despise but also like is such a blessing in this cruel, cold world. Like you spend a good portion of your time at work, and if you hate it, you still think about it when you’re not at work, because you dread having to go there.

    I can’t make any judgments about blogging. This is me currently trying to catch up after being a week behind D:

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  5. Wow life has seemed to pick up for you as well I see, now I don’t feel as bad lol. How was 47 meters down? I’m very if-y about that movie (i mean mostly because I thought it was crazy to try and see sharks in the first place lol). I’m glad that you are liking our new job! It’s exciting being in a new environment!

    -Luna 🙂

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    1. Thank you! 😀 Yeah, it’s definitely been busier lately, but I’m loving it so it’s all good! 🙂
      I enjoyed 47 Meters Down, though I fully acknowledge it as being a somewhat cheesy shark attack film. My bf wasn’t as into it (he only even went to see it because I wanted to). lol I just am a geek for sharks so I was like “MUST SEE”. I thought it definitely had some tense moments though. The whole situation would have SUCKED.

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      1. Agreed. Sharks are cool. My favorite animals are probably Tigers. I remember waiting for Big Cat Week on Animal Planet (I’ve watched a few Shark weeks in my day as well :p). Sometimes there are those movies that you know are going to be cheesy, but you just HAVEEEEE to watch lol. Kudos to your bf for hanging in there with ya!

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