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Horses > Cars

Uuuggghhhhhh . . . grooooaaaan . . . grumble grumble . . . and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, Harumph!


Cars: amazing when they work properly, and absolutely infuriating when they don’t. Not to mention insanely expensive. As my car goes onto day three of repairs I am finding myself thinking more and more about how much better a horse would be. In honor of this notion, I share with you the gifs I found that only seem to confirm this notion that horses are vastly superior to cars (and in many cases people). I mean, if cartoons present it as such, surely it must be true, right?









So, yeah, to sum it up:



17 thoughts on “Horses > Cars

      1. It IS a tough question, and I was hoping your answer would give me insight lol. Hmmmm, I had to google “fictional horses,” and I’m STILL not sure. I did love Black Beauty while growing up, and I always thought Odin’s Slepnir was hella cool (and one of Loki’s children, too, which is crazy weird)), and there’s Shadowfax from LOTR.

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      1. All excellent choices! 🙂 I think my top faves would be Clydesdale, Gypsy Vanner, and I’m definitely gonna have to agree with Shetland pony. Who can resist those cute little guys?? 😀

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