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Kimmie66 (No-Spoiler) Graphic Novel Review


This was one of those reads I went into headfirst, knowing nothing about other than that I enjoyed the work of the creator, Aaron Alexovich. Finding this little graphic novel at the library, I saw that it was written and illustrated by him and that was enough for me, having previously enjoyed his other works like Serenity Rose and Confessions of a Blabbermouth.

Kimmie66 turned out to be a sort of science fiction mystery set in a 23rd century future where people spend more time living their virtual reality lives than their own physical ones. It’s a place where your very best friends might just be people you’ve never even met in real life, and who live lives you know nothing about.


The story follows a teenage girl named Telly after she receives a suicide note from her best friend, the titular Kimmie66. But things get weird quickly as Kimmie66 continues showing up all over the various virtual reality “lairs” after her supposed death. Telly doesn’t know what’s going on at this point and is wondering if it’s all some sick prank or if she has an actual ghost story of sorts on her hands. Setting out to discover the truth, Telly gets help along the way from her slob of a brother, a mysterious hustler hacker, and her and Kimmie’s other loud-mouthed friend from their own VR lair.

Kimmie66 was a quick and entertaining read, and featured the spooky/cute black & white art that I’ve enjoyed in Alexovich’s other works. My only change I wish could be made would be for this story to be longer so it could have gotten into things a little deeper because it was all really interesting and left me wanting to know more about certain characters and whatnot. It was a good read though and makes me want to look into checking out more of Alexovich’s work again soon. 🙂



11 thoughts on “Kimmie66 (No-Spoiler) Graphic Novel Review

  1. Sounds good. I’m most impressed that you go to the library. I too go to the library. Sure in a digital world it’s pretty old fashioned but I still get a buzz out of ACTUAL books and also being hushed by the librarians. It’s my theory that all librarians are failed writers and virgins. Not that you need to divulge it but my guess would be that you’re in your early twenties. I’m gonna go with 22-23. So this makes it even more impressive to me that you go to the library. I’m old (38) so therefore I’m old school so that’s why I love the library. Back in my day I had to walk six thousand miles in chest deep snow with no shoes or underpants to get to the library.

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    1. Why, thank you! 😀 Yeah, libraries are amazing. I’ve always loved going there. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in some areas with really nice ones, too. 🙂 Haha, and you guessed a bit low on my age, but that’s okay by me! 😉 I’m actually 30, but everyone seems to think I’m around the age you guessed when they see me, thankfully. 😛 Some of my co-workers even thought I was fresh out of high school. Which is certainly fine by me. Haha, and I love your “crotchety old man” story about having to walk six thousand miles through chest deep snow with no shoes or underpants to get to your library. Funnily enough, I had a job as a teenager where I actually did have to walk quite some distance through knee to thigh-deep snow to get to one of my jobs. I’d always have to stop at the fast food place by my work to change into different pants and warm up with some hot chocolate in the winter. 😛

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      1. 30 wow. Well maybe you exude a big kid type style like I do then haha. That’s a good thing I reckon. I like your Snow story, that’s crazy. I bloody love hot chocolate. I wonder if we’d get along in person. Something tells me we would.

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      2. Yeah, hot chocolate is the best! Cupcakes & Machetes and I had an arsenal of it in the pantry when we lived together. All kinds of flavors, and marshmallows too, of course. 😛
        And I agree, I don’t see why we wouldn’t get along in “real life”. I imagine we would. 🙂

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      3. Errr flavours? I… have… only… had… chcocolate flavour hot chcolate. Isn’t that like saying chicken is my favourite flavour chicken? Haha. Please explain. Yeah I think we’d be friends. I’d introduce you to all my little plastic men and you can make me banana bread. Fair deal?

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      4. Haha Fair deal! 😛
        Oh, wow, you’re really missing out on a whole other world of hot cocoa experiences! There’s a ton of flavors, but some of my faves are candy cane flavored hot cocoa, white chocolate hot cocoa, oatmeal cookie flavored hot cocoa (sounds weird, but it is absolutely delicious!). There’s a bunch of other good ones like mint, or raspberry, dark chocolate, hazelnut, etc. We sell a bunch of them in our grocery stores here. We have a bunch of different flavored marshmallows here, too.

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