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Happy Halloween!


Let the festivities officially begin because Halloween is upon us! (Although I’ve been trying to squeeze in Halloween hijinks throughout the whole month.) 😛

It’s pretty dang cold here in Michigan right now, but that’s okay. I’m soaking up all this fall weather while I can. This past weekend I got to head out of town to spend it with my #1 partner in crime, Cupcakes and Machetes. She was hosting our book club’s October meeting and threw a lovely get-together with delicious fall goodies and an awesome tour of the old cemetery behind her house. I stayed the night and we wound up carving pumpkins and watching the first 2 episodes of the latest season of Stranger Things. (I can’t wait to see the rest of it!) It was a great way to spend the weekend before Halloween, not to mention how gorgeous all the trees were on the drive! 🙂


I can’t wait to see all the costumes everyone wears at work today. I think I’ve mentioned this here before, but I’m a program instructor at a day program for adults with special needs and we’re having a big Halloween party with a costume contest, creepy sensory bins, spooky decorations, and room-to-room trick or treating. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun. 😀

One of the major reasons I’m in the job field I am is my big brother. He has autism, OCD, and epilepsy. For a long time he wasn’t really into doing holiday-related activities. (In fact, for years my parents couldn’t put up a Christmas tree because in his opinion, that tree simply did not belong in the living room so it was coming down one way or another.) He’s come around though in recent years and even helped decorate the tree last year which was really nice. 🙂 Well, he’s embraced Halloween now, too, it seems. We got to decorate pumpkins together. I carved mine and he decorated his with paint and face stickers. He did such a great job and it was really cool getting to do that with him.

My pumpkin was supposed to be a pug face. Hopefully it looks sorta kinda like one. 😛 Anywhoooo, I hope you guys all have a fantastic Halloween! Are you doing anything fun today? What were your favorite Halloween activities you got to do this year?


10 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

    1. Aw, that’s too bad! I didn’t get to do a whole lot last night, most of my Halloween fun was during the day or during the month beforehand this year. We’ll both just have to be sure we make up for it next year by upping our Halloween game! 😛

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  1. Happy belated Halloween! That’s great that you have so fun and I hope work was just as fun. It’s inspiring that you help out with special needs, I’ve told you this before but I we are kindred spirits. My brother has a mental disability but I love taking him out and doing cool things with him. He’s high functioning so when he is on his medicine you couldn’t tell either way. I’m happy that you have such a great bond with your family and it has lifted my spirits today. Enjoy your first day of the month!


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    1. Aw, thank you so much! ❤ That's fantastic that you and your brother go out and do fun stuff together. That's awesome. It sounds like you guys have a really good bond and I'm sure he loves it, too. 🙂


    1. Aw, thank you! It’s been a pleasure working there and I absolutely love my job, which just makes me feel so lucky because I’ve worked a lot of jobs where I could not say that. Some days can be a little rough at times, but overall it’s been an amazing and eye-opening experience.
      I hope you had a great Halloween and are having a wonderful weekend so far. ❤

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