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The Christmas Tag!

I’m feeling festive this year, so when I saw this cute little Christmas tag posted by The Happiest Pixel I decided to join in on the holiday fun! 🙂 Fun Fact: I used to be a total Grinch til Cupcakes and Machetes made it her personal mission to show me the joys of the holiday season. I was skeptical at first but have slowly come to enjoy Christmas and the chaos that comes with it. 😛


1.) What is your favorite Christmas film?

I actually have a few. 🙂 It’s no secret that I love The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s definitely a holiday staple. I’ve also always enjoyed Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas Celebration and the more recent Krampus film from 2015.

Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas Celebration

2.) Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

It’s always been fake, except for one year. That was the year my cat turned into the Hulk and took down an entire pine tree, bringing it and all it’s decorations crashing to the floor. Cats seriously up their dickhead game this time of year.


3.) What is your favorite Christmas song?

Carol of the Bells has been my favorite for a good while now. 🙂

4.) What is your favorite Christmas scent?

Hmmm . . . I really like cinnamon scented things, especially around Christmas. It reminds me of when my mom helped my brother and I make cinnamon ornaments for the tree when we were kids. For several years I was pretty obsessed with Bath & Bodyworks’ Vanilla Bean Noel scent, but I kind of burnt myself out on it.

5.) Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

It’s usually pretty laid back. I pretty much just enjoy the company of who I’m with and we open one present that night. I’ve always done that since I was a kid. I think a lot of people do it, too.

6.) Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

See the above question. 😉

7.) What tops your Christmas tree?

Well, this year the only tree I’ve decorated so far is the one my room at work decorated, and we have a big beautiful silver bow on top. We’ll see what the other two trees I have yet to help decorate will be topped with this go around.

8.) What is the best thing about Christmas for you?

Spending time with my loved ones and doing all the festive activities with them leading up to the actual holiday. Also, the book club I’m in always has a fun Christmas party to look forward to.

9.) What is your favorite festive food or treat?

As of this year, I’d have to say that damn tasty Christmas Kronut I was just raving about in my last blog post. Other faves include the chocolate candy cane doughnut from Tim Hortons, the Bigby Peppermint Mocha Latte . . . basically anything chocolate and peppermint, apparently.


10.) What is on top of your Christmas wish list this year?

Trump’s removal from office. A girl can dream, can’t she? 😛


If you’re up to doing this holiday tag, have at it, and please let me know because I’d love to read your answers! 🙂


22 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag!

  1. My favourite Christmas movie is “Gremlins”. Loved it the first time I saw it as a little fella even though it gave me nightmares and I still love it today.

    We’ve had a fake tree for years but this is the first year we all decided we wanted a real one. I’ve got to say it’s soooooo cool. So much cooler than I expected. Went and picked it up in my truck last weekend. The kids love it. Funny story. My brother inlaw who is a bit of, what you’d call a Hillbilly, went to get a Christmas tree (illegally) one year and forgot to take a chainsaw. All had was his shot gun so he shot the tree down Ahahaha Hahahaha. Ahhh that’s my favourite Christmas story!

    Fave Christmas song is the German version of “Oh Christmas Tree” because the allies could hear the Germans singing it from the trenches during WW1.

    Fave scent would have to be the Christmas tree. Pine. Lovely but it makes me sneeze a bit.

    Christmas Eve tradition is driving around the neighbourhood and looking at all the Christmas lights. When I was younger I would egg the houses that didn’t put lights up haha. I was a prick of a kid.

    Don’t open Christmas presents before Christmas morning because how can I?? Santa hasn’t delivered anything yet.

    We have a star on top of our tree. One year, when I was little my dad let me put Darth Vader on top of the tree.

    My favourite thing about Christmas is how everyone is happier. From friends, family to strangers at the supermarket. Everyone is cheerier and nicer. Apart from people that don’t put up Christmas lights. They deserve to be egged dammit!

    My favourite treat is the freedom to eat and drink as much as I want haha.

    My Christmas wish has already come true. Australia has just, finally, passed legislation for Gay people to marry. I’m not gay but I’m lucky enough to be in love and happily married so I don’t see why we’d stop anyone being able to do exactly the same thing? Oh and I’m also hoping for new tattoos haha.

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    1. Aw yeah, Gremlins is a good one, too! It scared me as a kid as well. When I was little I was 100% convinced a gremlin was living in my grandparents basement. 😛 Aw, I love Gizmo, though! 😀
      Your brother-in-law sounds like quite the character. I can’t say I’ve heard of anyone shooting down a Christmas tree before. 😛
      Yeah, the Christmas truce during WW1 is definitely an interesting point in history.
      I love the idea of a Darth Vader tree topper. That’s great!
      And yay about your Christmas wish for everyone to be able to marry who they love coming true over there. I’d heard about that and I think it’s fantastic that more and more places are finally getting with the program. It’s hard to believe just how many people are still opposed to equality. Love is love. Plain and simple. 😀

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  2. Haha so you’re not a Trump fan? This makes me like you more! Am I right in thinking he got in because he appealed to the, not so well educated, gun toting red necks? Hopefully his term in office will teach all those that voted him in a good hard lesson.

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    1. Haha Yeah, definitely not a fan of our orange blowhard of a president. He’s utterly embarrassing to have in office. Unfortunately there were an alarming number of people who voted for him, but also just a lot of people who didn’t get out and vote at all, which didn’t help, either. :/
      A lot of the people who voted for him have since admitted regretting their decision already, which is pretty damn infuriating since that is the exact reason you do your homework on the candidates BEFORE you vote. Sigh . . . how anyone thought he could be anything but a complete disaster is beyond me.

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      1. I think drunk people voted for him just like with Arnold swartzennegar (spell check on his name yikes). I think people got hammered and then, as a joke, said let’s go vote for Trump ahahahaha. Then he got in and they would have been Ye Gods what have we done??

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    1. Yay! I saw your post with the Christmas tag already. Loved your answers and I hope you guys have been enjoying some holiday fun. (I know it’s hard with Rob’s grandma’s health situation.) I can’t believe Christmas is this Monday already. Where did the year go??

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