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Winter, GTFO!

Uggghhhhhhhh . . . *groans and rolls around in blankets until burrito formation is properly achieved* . . . I don’t wanna get out of bed and go out into the stupid white wonder that is winter. I hates it. I just hates it so damn much.


I’ll admit, I’m currently lucky enough to have a job that calls everyone off for snow days when the weather is deemed bad enough. That was the case on Monday and I have been frantically checking and re-checking my work e-mails and the school district’s closings this morning to see if that would somehow be the case again today. Thus far, no luck. -_-


That means it’s nearly time for me to grumble my way out of bed and put on non-pajama clothes (seriously, the worst kind). Meh! Fuck pants! I just wanna use my blanket like a superhero cape and keep my fuzzy penguin PJ’s on forever.


Sorry, but this post is pretty much just an ode to the suckage that is winter. If you live somewhere right now where you have to shovel, scrape, and bundle up but still manage to have snow soak through your shoes/boots to leave the house, I’m pretty sure you probably understand.


If you stuck around and read my little tantrum, thanks for letting this girl vent a little. ❤ I’m a firm believer in the power of venting/ranting/letting it all out when you need to. Hopefully spring will offer its sweet, warm embrace soon. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Winter, GTFO!

  1. Oh crikey I couldn’t imagine living with the removal of snow for half the year its bad enough after a few days here! We all should succombe to the blankets once in a while, thanks for a fab read!x

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    1. Haha thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed my little winter rant. 😛
      Yeah, it’s not fun dealing with all the snow. I don’t know what I was thinking as a kid when I would go play out in it until I would be practically frozen. Now I don’t even like being out there a couple minutes just to scrape my windshield and windows on the car. lol It goes to show how much we change as we get older.

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      1. haha YES i couldn’t agree more honestly there’s nothing worse than when you’ve been wrapped up in a nice warm bed and you have to de ice your car no thanks !!

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  2. Rob’s having a snow day today. There are things to be said when your job requires you to drive down all back roads to get there and the plow trucks haven’t been out yet. Meanwhile, this girl is trudging out into the winter wonderland once again. D:

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      1. Oh, that’s good at least! 🙂 It’s too bad they couldn’t have called it sooner to save you thr trip in the first place, but that’s nice, too, when they let you go home early due to bad weather. It’s scary sometimes out there on those winter roads! D:

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  3. Hear hear!! “non-pajama clothes (seriously, the worst kind)” – this made me chuckle as I am in total agreement. I am desperate for sunnier, warmer weather. I seriously can’t fit any more layers on. Don’t despair, sun will reach us both eventually… (I hope!!) 🙂
    Caz xx

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  4. It’s rather chilly over here in jolly ol’ UK, but where I live we rarely see the snow. In fact I so rarely see the glorious white flaky stuff that I’m almost jealous of you having so much!! 😉 Send some my way if you like my friend. Hope it warms up for you soon though, I bet Bailey is staying in rather a lot at the mo (Salem refuses to go out!)

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    1. Haha I will GLADLY pack up a bunch of our snow and send it your way! 😛
      Aw, I can’t blame Salem for not wanting to go out. Bailey is strictly an indoor cat, but I feel like if I ever did try to get her to go out in this weather she’d look at me and just shake her head before running back to the warm bed and blankets. 😛

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    1. Omg, 60 sounds amazinggg!! Yeah, this winter’s been pretty crazy with all the flip-flopping. And yes, I agree, winter is totally pointless after Christmas. I’d be okay with having snow on Christmas and that’s it. 😛

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