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Happy Valentine’s Day / Book Tag! xoxo


Woo! Happy Valentine’s Day, luvvies! ❤ ❤ ❤ I’ve decided to participate in the Valentine’s Day Book Tag I’ve been seeing pop up all over WP lately. No one tagged me, but I thought it looked like fun, so let’s have at it!

1.) Standalone book you love


Hmm . . . I’ve suddenly come to realize that I don’t read very many standalone books. Unless it’s a non-fiction one, of course, but that just felt like it didn’t count when I considered those titles. Animal Farm was probably my favorite assigned reading from school, and it’s just a great book in general.

2.) Dystopian book you love


This series is just SO good! I’m currently picking away at the third in the series, and it’s been so good right off the bat. I don’t know why I waited so long to read it after completing Golden Son.

3.) A book that you love but no one else talks about


It’s so fun getting to talk about books with people, but this is one title I have yet to get to discuss with anyone else.

4.) Favorite book couple


I’m cheating. I’m going with my favorite comic book couple. 😛 There just really aren’t a lot of books where I am 100% invested in the actual couple presented, but I am all about Alana and Marko from Saga.

5.) A book that other people love but you haven’t read yet


I have seen SO MANY good reviews for this book. It sounds amazing and I feel all the shame for not having read it yet. “SHAME . . . SHAME . . . SHAME” *rings bell* 😛

6.) A book with red on the cover


7.) A book with pink on the cover


8.) You were given a box of chocolates. What fictional boyfriend or girlfriend would have given them to you?

Honestly, not a lot of the guys in the books I read really seem like the chocolate-giving sort. I think the sweetest fictional male character I’ve read about recently would be Lazlo Strange from Strange the Dreamer, but I mean, he just seems like a thoughtful and good-hearted guy in general, so I guess we’ll go with him. Although, with his brilliantly imaginative mind, I think he could come up with something wayyyy cooler than chocolates! 😛


9.) You are single on Valentine’s Day. What book would you read? What TV show would you watch? What movie would you watch?

Pshhh, like I’d have to be single to want to read a book on Valentine’s Day! I don’t really have anything that comes to mind that would be Valentine’s-specific, so we’ll just go with stuff I am reading and would watch today whether it was Valentine’s Day or not.


This collection features 15 of Edward Gorey’s morbid little works. I’d previously read Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies, which features 26 ill-fated children, the name of each starting with a different letter of the alphabet, so it has been interesting reading more of his dark and twisted short stories and poems.


My boyfriend and I have slowly been chiseling away at this Hulu show, Future Man. It’s hilarious, and over the top with its violence, gore, and inappropriate humor. I wish we had more time so we could just binge-watch it to completion!


I’ve really been wanting to watch this one. With Guillermo del Toro at the helm, how could I not?

10.) All of a sudden you get shot by Cupid’s arrow. What new release will you love?


There is no doubt in my mind that I will love this book just as much as I have loved Pierce Brown’s other books. ❤

Oh, and since it’s already Valentine’s Day I’d just say consider yourself tagged if you think this looks fun. 🙂 Life has been a complete ball of chaos and madness lately so I waited til now to do this, so have at it if you’d like to be a last minute participant, too. Slackers Unite!! 😀


16 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day / Book Tag! xoxo

  1. I enjoyed your answers. Pretty obscure post all up but I liked it 😊 A fictional character from a book I’d like to give me chocolates would have to be Willy Wonka. Even though the original movie scared the crap out of me as a kid I think he’d make pretty bloody good chocolate. Talking of chocolate I hard dark chocolate coated licorice tonight and my mind was blown. I was going to put a love heart emoji thing on my comment but 1. That’s not my style. 2. It might be over stepping the line haha so I’ve gone with my favourite emoji… yep you guessed it. It’s a poopy. 💩 Happy Valentines Day

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    1. Haha You can never go wrong with the poo emoji. 😛
      And omg, Willy Wonka would have been the perfect answer for the chocolate question. I didn’t even think about that. Yeah, the part in the movie where they went through the boat tunnel was pretty freaky for a kid’s film. Also, the grandpa that goes with Charlie always pissed me off because he acts like he’s bed-ridden and makes Charlie’s parents take care of him and the other elders until he finds out he gets to go to the chocolate factory and then suddenly he’s up and kicking. It’s like, get a job then, you lazy old turd! Haha
      I’ve never had chocolate and licorice together before. Sounds interesting. Was it black or red licorice? And thanks! Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day, too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahaha yeah the Grandpa needs a good talking too. I always thought it was creepy that all the olds slept together. Black licorice. I loved red or black licorice. Do you have licorice all sorts on your planet?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha yeah, we have all kinds of licorice here. Funnily enough, my favorite “style” is what’s packaged as “Australian Licorice” here. It’s so much softer and chewier than the usual American stuff. Better flavor too. Does that make me a traitor to say that? Haha Although, we used to have an AMAZING Starbust brand of licorice that was sooo good when I was a kid, but it’s long since gone unfortunately. I swear, they always discontinue all the stuff I like.

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