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Giant Days, Vol. 4 (No-Spoiler) Review


Yay! More Giant Days! ❤ If you’re looking for a fun slice o’ life style comic with good female friendships and likable characters all around, this is a series not to be missed out on. 🙂 It’s a cute, feel-good (mostly) series about a trio of friends tackling life (and sometimes being tackled right back by it.)


Each of the characters is going through their own things in this volume that I’m not going to get too into since, ya know, spoilers suck. In typical adulting-fashion, the girls deal with these issues, plus a whole slew of other things like the literal hell that is house-hunting, making terrible student indie films in an effort to win some cash, job hunting, and the horrors of online dating. Combine all these things and more and you wind up with another entertaining installment in the lives of Esther, Daisy, and Susan.

Esther truly understanding what it means to be part of the work force.

Currently tangled in the sticky web that is house hunting, myself, I found their struggle all too real. That shit sucks. It sucks big time. You think it’s gonna all be awesome, that you’ll find your dream home all easy-peasy-like, but really it’s mostly moments like this:


All in all, volume 4 is another fun and enjoyable read in the Giant Days series. Have you read any Giant Days yet, or are you reading any other good comics at the moment? Let’s talk about it! 😀




8 thoughts on “Giant Days, Vol. 4 (No-Spoiler) Review

  1. Hahah funny! I really need to start reading this series. It’s on my TBR list but that thing is getting longer by the minute. Plus, I’m an impulse reader so I have to be in a certain mood to read different things. Great review!

    -Luna 🙂

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    1. Haha I feel ya. My TBR list is an ever-growing behemoth that will never be tamed. 😛 And thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the review. It’s always kind of hard writing a review up for later volumes of comics since you don’t want to venture off into spoiler territory, but you also don’t want to be TOO vague. 😛

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      1. I think you do a great job! I’m the same, my spoiler free reviews are just like an overview on what to expect. Don’t want to give too much away be giving a tease on what to expect is how I like to approach it.

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