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I’m Alive! Spring Updates

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Hey, guys! ❤ It’s been a while, but I’m still kicking. Despite what my recent absence in the blogosphere would suggest, I was not eaten by a pack of rogue land sharks. (Just slightly mauled is all.)

I’ve had a lot of stuff going on lately and even less free time than usual because of it, but it’s paying off, so I’m not complaining. Merely explaining why I’ve been such a no-show around here lately. I’ve missed chatting with you guys, though, and I’m really looking forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs. 🙂

So, let’s get to the good stuff and let the updates commence! 😀

BLAH #1: I’ve just been promoted at work and will be getting my own classroom and team. The position recently opened up and I decided to go for it. I was so excited when I heard I’d gotten the position, and I can’t wait to begin planning my room’s weekly activities and outings. I start in my new role as team leader in a week. 🙂

BLAH #2: I’ve mentioned house hunting and moving in the blog recently, and tomorrow is the signing for the house, so I am beyond thrilled about that. So, new job AND new house. My boyfriend was recently promoted at work, too, so although things have been busy as hell and a bit stressful at times, it feels good having all these exciting new changes in our lives.


BLAH #3: Haven’t had much time for reading lately, but I did read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (I’ve been reading some of the old books my grandma owned for nostalgia reasons.) I’m also currently reading The Great Alone and am hoping to finally start Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues pretty soon. (Assuming I’m not too busy with working on the house/painting this week after work.) April is going to be another extremely hectic month, so we’ll see how much reading I actually get done.

BLAH #4: Easter with the fam was nice and relaxing. This weekend was packed full of doing stuff to get ready for the house, so Easter was a nice chance to just relax and nom on some delicious food. I was in charge of mashed potatoes (my grandma’s recipe and a holiday staple.) My dad and I had a mini Ash vs. Evil Dead marathon, which was all sorts of gory and hilarious fun.


So, those are my recent updates. How about you? Got any exciting news? I hope everyone’s been doing well and had a great weekend. ❤


35 thoughts on “I’m Alive! Spring Updates

  1. Whoa!! That’s awesome on the job for you and your fella. Excellent news on the house too. I read the lion witch etc many moons ago and loved it. We just got back from a mini Easter holiday at the beach. I’ve got back into chess after quite some years and took great pleasure in beating my father in law and brother in law. They’re both very competitive. I’m not at all unless the other person is haha. Then I’ll crush their very souls dammit! Welcome back.

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀 Haha I like your take on competitiveness. I’m much the same way, actually. I don’t get into the smack talk or boasting or anything like that, but when someone else does I take a silent predatory joy in destroying them. 😛

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    1. Thank you! ❤ I appreciate that. Yeah, moving can be a real drag, but I'm looking forward to unpacking everything once it's moved and setting the house up how we want it. It'll just be a lot of work up until that point. Once we're all moved and settled I want to take a weekend where we do absolutely NOTHING. lol Shut the phones off and just be hermits for an entire weekend. It sounds heavenly right now. lol

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      1. It really does! Every now and then i have these ambitious ideas that i’ll go totally offline for a weekend, but then never managed to do it.
        Good luck 😀

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    1. Haha Thank you so much! It’s all kind of overwhelming at the moment, but I’m getting through it all. Good things never come easy, so I’ve got my battle face on and am ready with my arsenal of energy drinks to get me through the next few weeks. Hoping May will bring a resemblance of normalcy with it. 😛

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  2. Super leveling up in adult! And here I am hoping for Doctor Who pajamas and a big party hat for my birthday :p Congratulations! I’ve missed your posts as well, but I’m happy you were in absentia due to good stuffs. What I’d really like is for spring to actually *arrive* because it’s been playing this really mean game with us on the east coast. It was 80 degrees Friday and Saturday then 45 on Monday D: My lungs are NOT happy.

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    1. Ugh, I feel ya! The weather has been really topsy-turvy here in Michigan, too. Last week we had an ice storm and today I was walking around in a short-sleeved shirt because it was too warm with my hoodie on. lol
      And thank you so much! ❤ Awesome PJs and a big party hat are totally valid things to hope for. 😛 When is your b-day? 🙂 I hope it winds up being an awesome one! 😀

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      1. Whaaaaat?? It seriously feels like March, though we’ve been getting some 60 degree weather now. It rained today, but it wasn’t cold thank goodness.

        It’s this Saturday! I took off on Friday and I was going to get my nose pierced, but I need to make sure I can afford it lol.

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      2. Alas I was not! But that’s only because I decided to be a responsible adult and wait until I had more money. I think I’m going to go next weekend or something like that. I definitely want it before Memorial Day.

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      3. I feel ya. I’ve been doing the boring adult thing when it comes to going to get my hair done, so I feel your pain. It’s like “ooh, haircuts and fun colors! . . . Or bills. Yeah, I should probably pay my bills first.” lol Such a buzzkill, those bills. 😛 I hope you get to go get your piercing before Memorial Day like you’re wanting to. 😀

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      4. Gah right?? It’s like “All I want is a gigantic bean bag chair, but I need to pay the rent so I have someplace to put it.” Total bummer. Now it’s that I don’t have the time lol. I could’ve gone today, but wound up cleaning, and next week I have plans. It might be Memorial Day weekend to be honest, but we need to get rid of our old sectional and clean behind it/the front room to prepare for the new one. Seriously…being an adult blows.

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      5. Haha Omg yes, about the gigantic bean bag chair!! 😀 My boyfriend and I just got one for the house and I am so damn pumped for it to get here. At the same time I took a couple days of going back and forth over whether or not I could part with that kind of money, but the sumo bean bag site had this huge mother’s day sale where they were all like half off so we bit the bullet and got one. 😀 We needed something for in the office, and if I had to buy a new desk and chair for me to sit at with my laptop I probably would have wound up spending about the same amount, but now I’ll be way more comfy. lol
        I do agree, though. Being an adult blows hard 95% of the time. Especially when you have to go to work and all you wanna do is stay home and read or write and be in your PJs all dayyyyyy. D:

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      6. I’m seriously shocked at how expensive they are. There’s a store in the mall called Love Sac (I’m not even joking and it’s hilarious), and the least expensive one is probably around $300. I guess it takes a lot of work to make a quality one.

        I have a Doctor Who onesie. I am way less happy when I’m not in it. I even answered the door for delivery while wearing it. No shame whatsoever. I was at least a good adult today and didn’t blow off my lab work appointment…as I’ve been doing lol.

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      7. Hahaha “Love Sac”. 😛 That is equal parts ridiculous and hilarious. We have one of the HUGE bean bag sort of things in the sensory room where I work and I’m always fighting the urge to grab a blanket and go nap in there. lol I never would, but the allure is STRONG.
        And congrats on your adulting today. Well done! I would say we should get stickers or something how kids do when they accomplish things, but I think the adult equivalent would have to be wine or something. lol And yay for the onesie. I love oneises. They’re so damn cute. I need to get one some time. Like a shark onesie or something. 😀

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      8. Right?? Like did a ten year old think up that name lol. How are onesies not acceptable dress? I mean we’re starting to get there. Remember that male romper craze from last summer were people were freaking OUT because dudes wanted to wear them? Like they’re comfortable and sporty. What is the problem??

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