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Flower Friday: Weeping Cherry Blossoms


I’ve been loving Read Rant Rock & Roll‘s awesome Flower Friday posts for a while now, so when they recently suggested I join in on the fun, of course, I decided to do just that!

I’ve been snapping plenty of photos since the first plants of spring began to bloom, so I’m excited to get to share some of them with you. 🙂 For my first Flower Friday post I thought I’d share a couple quick pics I took from the weeping cherry tree in my backyard. I love this tree so much. ❤

IMG_2253 (2)

Like your traditional weeping willow tree, the weeping cherry tree has cascading branches that hang low, but are covered in hundred of beautiful little white or pink blossoms.





12 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Weeping Cherry Blossoms

  1. These are so beautiful! We have two, one really small and one larger. I just wish they’d stay in bloom longer. Awesome Flower Friday! I’m so excited you’re participating and thanks for linking back! ❤😘

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    1. Thank you! ❤ I so agree. I'm always sad to see how quickly all the pretty flowers vanish. It's always exciting to see them come, but they're gone just way too soon. 😦
      And thank YOU so much for encouraging me to participate in Flower Friday. I went out after I got home from work to snap a few more photos for tomorrow's FF post. 😀

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