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Two Hearts (Peter S. Beagle Short Story Review)


Peter S. Beagle’s whimsical fantasy tale The Last Unicorn is a classic. It’s one of my favorite books of all time, so when The Shameful Narcissist recently read and provided a link to a short follow-up to the story, of course I was eager to return to Mr. Beagle’s rich and enchanting world of magicians, unicorns and other mythical beasts.


The original tale is a clever and spellbinding journey all its own, so I was very hopeful that this newer adventure would be able to capture some of the magic woven in the first book. I was obviously hopeful, but I had to wonder, could Two Hearts manage to match the charm and whimsy of its legendary predecessor? Well, as Captain Cully would say: sit down, have a taco, and let’s talk about Two Hearts.


Although this short story features multiple characters we came to love in The Last Unicorn, you may be surprised to learn that the main character is someone new entirely. Sooz, a young girl from a small village plagued by a child-eating griffin, is done waiting for the king to send more knights who all seem to fall prey to the very beast they’ve been sent to slay. She’s decided to take matters into her own hands and runs away from home to seek the king out for herself, to get his help specifically. Young Sooz, you see, has heard all about brave King Lir and the dragons and giants he’s slain, the impossible riddles he’s solved, and the maidens he’s saved.


Unfortunately, no matter how noble the hero, the one thing they may never vanquish is time, and the king is now in the later years of his life, his mind often failing him. On her way to seek the king, Sooz befriends the infamous Molly Grue and Schmendrick the magician from the first tale. Although King Lir is frequent to forget and lose himself as he admits to Sooz, the mention of a familiar character always manages to bring him back, if even for only a matter of time.


Lir’s bravery and kindness propel him to agree to help Sooz and her village, but will the best intentions of an aging hero be enough to finally bring an end to the griffin? You’ll have to find that one out for yourself. 😉

I will tell you, however, that Peter S. Beagle definitely captured the enchantment of his original tale once more, much to my delight. Especially in the last third or so of the story. We finally get to see what has become of the characters he introduced us to so many years ago, and he introduces us to a brave young girl who would do anything to protect those she cares for against a hungry monstrous creature. For fans of The Last Unicorn, I would definitely say this one is easily worth the read. I enjoyed it and it made me want to re-read the original book again.



16 thoughts on “Two Hearts (Peter S. Beagle Short Story Review)

  1. Sounds pretty good actually. I like the character names.

    What do you call a unicorn without a horn?

    A horse

    Yes they are expensive but well worth it, tickets for my comedy show can be found at Walmart and Starbucks. Mostly because these are the only American shops I know haha.

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  2. I was obsessed with the Last Unicorn cartoon when i was around 10-11. Watched it pretty much every week.
    Haven’t read the book yet – i have a copy of it, but it’s a translated version and i want to read it in english. This short story sounds pretty awesome too!

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  3. I always thought it was tricky to revisit a classic’s sequel. I’m glad to hear you actually enjoyed this a lot! Goodreads tells me that there’s some kind of Lost Version that was also recently (2007) released. Do you plan on checking that out? 😮


  4. I’ve been wanting to reread the original for years now, and I was so happy that the sequel captured the enchantment of the first while still furthering the story. Even though it was written in the first person instead of the third, it still worked, and honestly I think it worked for the best. We get to see Schmendrick and Molly through Sooz’s eyes as well as King Lir and in that way Beagle kept up the childlike wonder and magic of a story most of us read when we were younger by filtering it literally through a child. It was a clever move on his part.

    It’s such a shame what’s happening to the author right now. He’s dealing with either his agent or someone close to him trying to take advantage. I believe there’s some kind of game coming out with The Last Unicorn title, but it’s NOT something approved by Beagle 😦


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