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Magnolias and a New Greenhouse


Woo! It’s Magnolia Season, guys! ❤ I absolutely love when these beauties come into bloom. I think that’s the point when spring finally actually begins to feel like spring to me. 🙂 Yesterday was a cool and sunny day so it was the perfect time to really get going on the yard. It’s a lot of work, but ultimately it’s pretty rewarding. Aaaand a friend from work came over and helped me build my first ever personal greenhouse so I’m very excited to get that going!


It’s tall enough for me to stand in (though I think too short for Mr. Moth to stand in without having to stoop a little) and has 6 shelves. I can’t wait for us to go and pick up some starter plants. Leaf lettuce, here we come! 😀

I’m still learning as I go with all this yard/gardening work. It’s our second spring in our first house, so last year I was mostly seeing what came up where and how it did, so this year I think I have a more solid game plan of how to care for everything and what I need to fix. This year I think I’m going to be doing a fair amount of transplanting, especially with my hostas and peonies. Maybe even my hydrangeas, but time will tell on that. I just want to make sure I do all of this when it’s best for those individual plants.

How about you guys? Got any big greenhouse or gardening projects currently in the works? 🙂 Any suggestions for what to grow in the new greenhouse? (The easier to care for the better!) Haha 😛

I hear shaking your butt when you garden helps nurture the plants better.

14 thoughts on “Magnolias and a New Greenhouse

  1. I love magnolias, so pretty! Very exciting with the new greenhouse! I must admit my dad is more of the green-thumb guy, but I do a few things like strawberry plants, yum 🙂
    Have fun with your new gardening & growing projects!!
    Caz xx

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  2. Oh that magnolia is so pretty! I have a neighbour who has a massive magnolia tree in their garden. It never seems to last too long tho.
    I don’t have a garden, nor do i have plants cuz they mysteriously die not long after i obtain them so i kinda gave up 😀

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    1. That is so true about the magnolias. They’re gorgeous, but I really do wish they stuck around longer, too. (Plus they make a giant mess when all the petals fall!) 😛
      Haha and I feel your pain on the mysterious deaths of your house plants. I’ve had a few die on me as well. Very mysterious, indeed. We might just have a serial killer on our hands! 😉

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  3. Spring has definitely sprung in your neck of the world it seems (unsurprisingly it’s raining here in jolly ol’ UK… just for a change 😉 ) gardening ain’t really my thing (plus I don’t actually have a garden, just a back yard) but I do have a few house plants! 🙂

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    1. Haha well, kudos to you for being able to keep your house plants alive! 😛 Only one of ours made it from last year. It was like a slaughter-fest for succulents over here. I think we over-watered them. We’ll see if we’re brave enough to try again with them this year. Outdoor plants seem to fair better for us! 😉

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  4. I almost bought Rob a pepper plant over the weekend until I realized, I’ll be the one taking care of it lol. He really wanted sunflowers too but those take room. Which, we have a location but we’d have to clear it out.
    Gardening is exciting! We’re definitely going to start sounding like little ol’ bitties when we constantly talk about our gardens. 😛

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    1. Haha And Rob thought we sounded “old” talking about our book club! Now he can laugh at us about all our gardening talk. 😛
      A pepper plant would be cool. I saw a purple bell pepper plant this past weekend. Had no clue that was even a thing. Sunflowers would definitely be nice. 🙂

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    1. Haha I feel ya. It’s really iffy with me keeping plants alive as well if they need a lot of care. I’m lucky that most of the stuff in my yard does its own thing. 😛 My boyfriend got me a bounty of succulents last summer and we slowly killed them all! D:

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