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Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) Review


In my recent frenzy of reading Urban Fantasy, I finally got around to reading Moon Called, the first novel in the series of Mercy Thompson books. This series came highly recommended by Cupcakes and Machetes, so I was excited to give it a whirl. πŸ™‚

Mercedes Thompson, better known to her friends as Mercy, is a mechanic by day and a shapeshifting “Walker” by night, able to take on the form of a coyote at will. Luckily for her, her transformation is nowhere near as painful and brutal as that of the werewolves who also inhabit her everyday world. There are supernatural creatures galore in this series, and some of them are even known about by humans thanks to their powers that be deciding to come public. (Mostly with the lighter fluffy sort of fae and not the monstrous I’m-gonna-eat-your-face kind of creatures, of course.) Baby steps, people. Better to ease the general public into things than cause a widespread panic, right?


Mercy is just going about her business, living her everyday life when things suddenly get completely turned upside down. When she tries her best to help out a young werewolf in need, the universe quickly sends Mercy a reminder of the age old saying “no good deed ever goes unpunished.” Things escalate pretty quickly after that with attempted/successful murders, kidnapping, werewolf politics, etc. There’s also paranormal romance going on, but I didn’t feel especially drawn to any of Mercy’s suitors. Granted, this is a series so there are bound to be more characters introduced along with character growth from the established characters, so we’ll see how that works out. πŸ™‚

I really enjoyed Mercy’s character. She was kind, brave, clever, and determined. Some of the werewolves I liked, some *cough cough Samuel* annoyed the crap out of me. All I could think any time he was brought up in the book was something along the lines of “Somebody please neuter this guy or put a silver bullet in him.”


I’m definitely planning on continuing to read the series, so I’m really looking forward to learning more about the other creatures, and seeing what happens with the characters. There seems to be some really interesting worldbuilding going on, but we just kind of see the tip of the iceberg in this novel, so I can’t wait to explore that further. πŸ™‚ I gave this one 4 out of 5 stars.


5 thoughts on “Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) Review

  1. Beautiful review love! I’m glad you’re enjoying this series and I look forward to our talks when you read more of the series.
    Speaking of UF, I really should borrow the second White Trash Zombie book from you. It keeps popping into my mind randomly recently so that must be a sign that I want to read it. :3

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  2. Interestingly, the thumbnail for this in the wordpress reader just shows boobs. So I *had* to click for some reason. The synopsis sounds a little like the setting of the TV show “Grimm” that Marouda watches (and I sometimes see over her shoulder).

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  3. Omfg, you and me felt the SAME way. I loved Mercy, but I wanted to beat the shit out of almost every dude in the series especially Samuel. There was way too much “I AM MAN AND YOU WILL OBEY.” And I could literally feel Mercy’s frustration with that through the pages as she was forced to navigate it. The part that really got me was the gay werewolf couple and how they were ostracized. I want to read more of the series because I like the main character, but I hope the supporting ones get better.


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