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My Writing Minion

That moment when you’re doing your best to concentrate on character sheets for your writing project and your fuzzy cohort says “Screw that shit, it’s cuddle time!”

Bailey cares not for productivity. She demands pets and undivided attention from all mortals.

It’s isn’t easy resisting those giant imploring kitty eyes when you’re trying to work on stuff. Still, I wouldn’t trade my writing minion for the world. โค Generally she’s pretty good about just relaxing by my side while I write, but today she wasn’t having it, rolling over onto the books I was referencing, meowing at me incessantly.

What are your biggest and/or cutest distractions when you’re trying to get your creativity on? Do you have the willpower to resist or do you succumb to the cuteness? I’m a sucker for all things adorable so I’m pretty sure you already know what my answer is. ๐Ÿ˜‰




13 thoughts on “My Writing Minion

  1. Well as a father of three girls who are all daddyโ€™s girls it goes without saying that theyโ€™re the biggest AND cutest distractions haha. Each one is a slightly different distraction though. The eldest (16) usually has some sort of drama, which in her world is hug but in mine not so much. So I help her out, guide and listen. The middle girl (11) has the typical middle child syndrome so if she sees me giving her big sister or little sister attention she then demands attention haha. Usually Iโ€™ll watch her do a new dance sheโ€™s been working on. Then the youngest (5) will usually have some weird but wonderful question that I have to pretend to have the answer to such as… Why is the sky blue? Why donโ€™t I get pins and needles in my head, only in my hands and feet? Why is an orange called orange but a banana isnโ€™t called a yellow? Haha. Needless to say I get most of my hobby stuff done when theyโ€™re in bed or if theyโ€™re distracted by their own hobbies haha.


  2. Your kitty looks lovely! Leonard is a constant distraction, and he’s pretty heavy-hande when he gets going. Walking across my painting desk is something he’s learned will always get a rise out of me. Or walking across the computer desk. Of in front of the TV. Not five minutes ago he got onto the printer and photocopied whatever was in there. I hope he doesn’t learn that’s a thing, because cats who do their own photocopying and printing would be a nightmare…


  3. Aw, man, that kitty is adorable!
    My cat is not particularly cuddly, i literally have to hunt him down for a cuddle. ๐Ÿ˜€ He usually bears it for like 10 minutes and starts wriggling and kicking… :/


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