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I love art and I love wildlife conservation. Combine the two and you have such an utterly amazing win-win situation on your hands. 🙂 I recently discovered the site through their Instagram account and I am absolutely over the moon about it! ❤

Sharktopia is run by the friendly and talented Caiti Rose, a self-described “coffee-loving, shark-obsessed, happy vegan artist with the goal of altering the misconceptions surrounding sharks and other Ocean life”.

Screenshot_2019-07-29 Sharktopia on Instagram “I’ve got stickers once again Not for individual sale (at the moment) Two sti[...]
She uses her creative and amazing art to help spread awareness about a variety of topics regarding sharks and other ocean life. Her work ranges from absolutely adorable and lighthearted to impactful and eyeopening, and all of it is for the benefit and love of sharks.

Screenshot_2019-07-29 Sharktopia ( sharktopia) • Instagram photos and videos
The line work and coloring and cuteness, I just absolutely adore it. ❤

I’ve already purchased and received my own shark goodies and can honestly say that they were absolutely worth the money. 🙂 I love what I ordered. ❤ I also printed some of the free coloring pages available on the site for my participants at work to color and learn more about different types of sharks as they do so. The coloring pages are awesome and so informative!

Screenshot_2019-07-29 Sharktopia ( sharktopia) • Instagram photos and videos


Be sure to check out the Sharktopia website and enjoy some great artwork featuring our favorite finned friends and Caiti Rose’s great mission to raise awareness about their struggle. There’s the free downloadable coloring pages I mentioned, a great shop, and more to be discovered there, so dive on in! 🙂


5 thoughts on “SPECIAL SHARK WEEK SPOTLIGHT: Sharktopia

  1. Okay, I am loving that website! (Those necklaces are awesome!) You should send her an email about your activities with your clients, I bet she would love to hear that.
    I binged four episodes of Shark Week last night and my dad is in on it too. 😀

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  2. I love the stickers. They’re very cool. If I still had my electric guitar one of the stickers would have looked cool on the amplifier. I also like your passion for sharks. I find it quite endearing. Living in Australia I quite often hear about shark attacks, especially over in the west of the country (where my sister lives). Then you hear about the culling 😕 It’s crazy because we are swimming/surfing in THEIR habitat. Sharks are cool and if we stay away from them they won’t bother us.

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    1. Aw, thank you! ^_^ Yeah, sharks are such amazing creatures so it sucks how bad of a reputation they get when they’re the ones getting slaughtered. 😦 I couldn’t agree more about us being in THEIR habitat. Someone breaks into my house I’m pretty likely to get stabby stabby with them, just sayin’. 😛

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  3. I love sharks. I don’t know whether the whale shark or the white shark is my favorite. Whale sharks are adorable, harmless big bois who just like to chill, but if I were in a fight I’d want a white shark to have my back♥


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