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Bread! Booze! Buddy Reads!

What time is it? RECIPE TIME! 😀 I I was so excited to get to spend New Year’s Day baking and boozing with the amazing Cupcakes & Machetes during our very first Virtual Baking Party. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off 2021. ❤ One of the things I’ve always loved so much about our friendship is that it never matters how far apart we are or even how long it’s been since we’ve last been able to actually see eachother, it’s always an amazing time when we get together. Here’s my favorite pic from our Zoom session, of C&M, being the reigning Queen of Silly Faces that she is. 😛

zoom baking with ash 1

C&M made a delicious-looking Eggnog Bread with an Eggnog Icing and I made a very yummy Honey Beer Bread and (because I happened to have an abundance of cranberries) I made Cranberry Cosmos and Cranberry-Cinnamon jam. We both loved what we ended up making and had a blast along the way. 😀 If you’ve been video-chatting with any of your friends during the pandemic, I wholeheartedly suggest throwing some fun activities into the mix sometime. It was a little tricky at first, but we quickly found our groove and it was fun to drink, bake, and plan our next Buddy Read together. Thank goodness for modern technology. I couldn’t imagine having gone through the pandemic without it, or without C&M for that matter. We may be miles and miles apart and forced to Quarantine away from each other for months on end, but being able to video chat and keep in touch via text and online has been a lifesaver! ❤


What’s been keeping you sane during the pandemic?


15 thoughts on “Bread! Booze! Buddy Reads!

  1. Haha, the day I stop making stupid faces is the DAY THAT I AM DEAD.
    And universe willing, I will die with a stupid look on my face! 😛
    Man, I had not even considered what it would have been like to go through this pandemic with NO INTERWEBZ. Ew. No thanks.
    We are the most amazing best frandz to have ever existed. :3 We’ve seriously always been so good at staying contact, even when we should have sucked at it. (Little kids living hundreds of miles apart.)
    One day they’ll write books about us.

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    1. I keep asking myself, “WHAT DID THEY DO IN THE 1918 PANDEMIC???” I mean, yes, they warred and wrote in diaries and stuff, but no internet?!! I’ve done video chats with book bloggers, and I’ve don’t cooking “shows” for my nieces, but never did I bake and chat with a book blogger. It looks like wicked fun, and I’m jealous of the cranberry cinnamon jelly.

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      1. Omg seriously!! I think about that all the time too. I’d have lost it by now, I think. lol
        The cranberry cinnamon jelly is super easy to make! 🙂 Just put 1 and a half cups cold water in a pot, 1/2 cup sugar, 2 cups fresh cranberries, and bring to a bubble over medium-high heat and reduce to medium for 5-6 minutes until the cranberries burst. Strain and use a spoon to crush all the extra juice out of the cranberries in your strainer and that will leave you with this cranberry mash (and the juice that you strained out is fresh cranberry juice you can drink or use for something else!) 🙂 To finish the jelly you just add more sugar and cinnamon to taste. It’s super easy and tastes sooo good on fresh baked bread. ❤


    1. Thank you so much! Haha I know exactly what you mean about being overdosed on baked goods after the holidays. We were originally going to do a cookie-baking virtual party but after Christmas we decided to go in a more savory direction with the bread instead. 😛

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