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May 2021 Wrap-Up

May really feels like it lasted all of ten whole seconds this year. I couldn’t have told you it’s already been 2 weeks since my last Fan Art Friday post, but here we are just the same. 😛

Anywhoooo, it’s update time. Gonna keep this brief because I’m very, very tired and sleep is calling my name.

.quarantine meme 1

READING: I finished reading all the volumes of Attack on Titan that are currently out, and now it seems I’ll be waiting until October for the final volume to be released so I can see how the epic saga ends. That will be pretty good timing since the second half of the final season of the anime will start back up this winter. I really hope there’s a good ending because the series has knocked my socks off since the beginning.

TELEVISION: Schitt’s Creek and a bunch of anime, including Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, which I’m really enjoying so far. 🙂


BAKING: The only things I was ambitious enough to bake this month were a coconut cream cheese danish for Mother’s Day and a dark chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting for a family member’s birthday.

DRAWING: After finally getting the iPad Pro and accessories I’ve been drooling over for a while, I’ve been having a ball starting to learn how to use it all and have already picked up some really useful new techniques and skills I didn’t have before. It’s all been very exciting! ❤


I am soooo ready for this long holiday weekend. I have 5 days off from work and I’m planning to savor every single minute of that time. Especially because I finally get to be reunited with the most fabulous BFF in all the land, my number #1 Partner in Crime, Cupcakes & Machetes!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Can’t wait for the shenanigans to commence! 😀



10 thoughts on “May 2021 Wrap-Up

  1. Oh, man, those memes made my day. I especially love the one with the cat falling asleep at the movie. My mom canNOT make it through a whole movie, but when you say, “Are you falling asleep?” or “Aren’t you watching the movie?” she always answers, lol.

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  2. Gah! I should add Attack on Titan to my reading list. I always forget that most anime is also manga, and I’m way more likely to get to it that way. Schitt’s Creek is SO good. I think I binged the entire thing in less than a month.

    I think about running away to the woods a lot for someone who can’t run, is terrified of bugs, and loves modern conveniences 😀

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    1. Ooh, you should! The manga is really good too, but I have to say, the anime is amazing. Sticks really well to the plot for the most part, but the anime really brings it all to life. 🙂 I suggest both! Haha
      And yessss omg I can relate. I’d be a disaster if I actually fled into the woods. Like one of those cats that always stares longingly out the window and tries to run out the door, but once it gets out it just wants right back in. 😛

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      1. The cat comparison is so apt. Like literally. My Cid will sometimes run out the apartment door into the hallway. Like he has nowhere to go, but he just does it prompting us to chase him (not that he runs that fast mind you lol). Well, I figured “Okay, you want to go outside. I’ll take you outside.” Bought him a vest and leash and did so. He IMMEDIATELY started crying the second he was on the grass like he was NOT happy. So I brought him back inside and for a while no more mad dashes, but then maybe a month later he forgot everything :p

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      2. Haha omg, that is hilarious. Cats are so ridiculous. It’s definitely part of their charm, isn’t it?? 😛
        My mom rescued a really chunky cat back when I was in high school and we got her a leash and harness thinking it would be good for her and that she might enjoy a walk. We didn’t even make it a block before she flopped over and just laid there so I had to carry her home. lol

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