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Pup Cups, Pumpkins, and Photos: July 2021 Wrap-Up


Update #1: Pup Cups

My mom and I like to try to get together for coffee once a week, specifically Biggby frozen coffees with extra espresso in them because we are absolute fiends for caffeine. Well, as of late, our girls’ day coffee adventures have only gotten better with the addition of a third member of our “Treat Yo’ Self” squad, that being my parents’ new resident fluff monster that they got a few months back. (Like this dog needed any more reasons to love going for car rides.) πŸ˜›

20210801_074225Β  20210801_074209

Update #2: Pumpkin Babies

Our pumpkin patch is already fast at work producing flowers and pumpkin babies for the fall. I think this pumpkin patch will always hold a special place in my heart, not only because I love pumpkins, but also because the first harvest was for our wedding last October. ❀ Hopefully this year’s harvest will be just as good!

Update #3: Writing Progress

Writer Girl Summer is going really well. πŸ™‚ I’ve mostly been cruising along right on track to have my first draft complete by the first day of fall, so here’s hoping I can keep this pace up. *fingers crossed*

Update #4: Reading, Or Rather, a Lack There Of

I didn’t get much reading done in July, mostly due to a misplaced charger for my Kindle that has thankfully since been found. Also, when I wasn’t writing, let’s be honest, I was mostly watching a ton of anime. While my kindle charger was misplaced, I had to take a break on finishing Pet Sematary for my buddy read with Cupcakes & Machetes, I started reading Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House.

ninth house

Update #5: Drawing

Other than completing theΒ Drawing Shark Week art challenge I participated in, I didn’t get a whole lot of drawing time in since this summer my focus is mostly on writing. Buuuut I’m hoping to at least squeeze in a couple Fan Art Friday posts this month since my last one was *GASP* all the way back in mid-May??! I can’t even keep up with time these days it seems. 2021 is just barreling by at breakneck speed and it’s all I can even do to try to remember what day it is half the time. Back to the point though, it will be good to get some more practice in with Procreate and my iPad Pro. I’m still loving it, I just have soooo much to learn!

Untitled_Artwork (14)

Update #6: Watching

July mostly had me been binge-watching the first 4 seasons of My Hero Academia with my husband, but I also started Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on my own. We also enjoyed the 3 week Netflix event for the Fear Street trilogy of movies. I think we may have squeezed a couple other movies in as well, but the only one coming to mind at the moment is Gunpowder Milkshake.

Update #7: Baking

For my husband’s dad’s birthday I made a triple chocolate cake. My husband also really enjoys these honey cornbread muffins I make so I made some of those which we enjoyed with honey cinnamon butter. (SO good.) I also have an abundance of frozen blueberries I want to use up, so this weekend I made blueberry muffins. Aaaand if you follow the Sugar and Scream blog that C&M and I host together, you’ll have seen some pics of freshly bakedΒ bone-shaped snickerdoodle cookies we posted about in early July.

What shenanigans did you get up to in July? Any big plans for August? Hoping you all have an excellent month! πŸ˜€


12 thoughts on “Pup Cups, Pumpkins, and Photos: July 2021 Wrap-Up

  1. Love these slice of life posts, that is such a cute dog! Congrats on the pumpkins, our garden is producing a ton of zucchini and cucumber this year. Ten-fifteen years ago I would never have considered myself to become a grow-your-own-vegetables type πŸ˜€

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  2. I literally just commented “Pure Michigan” on C&M’s blog because she was hiking, but I have to say, Biggby might be even more Pure Michigan than that, lol. They crept down just a bit into Indiana, so we do have a few of them here.

    That’s so sweet that you planted pumpkins for your wedding. I love that! I will say, however, that a friend of ours planted a tree with his wife after they got married, and when they got divorced it was a Herculean effort to rip it out of the ground….but that must be something he felt he needed to do. Yikes!

    I watched Pumpkinhead last night, and saw Chopping Mall on Friday, lol. I need to get out of the 80s movies. I’m choking on hair spray.

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    1. Um, you absolutely do NOT need to get out of 80s movies lmao. Pumpkinhead is a top favorite of mine! Rob has a Pumpkinhead pin on his battle vest that I got him last Christmas and I need a Pumpkinhead shirt in my life. One day, my wardrobe will be compiled completely of horror shirts. πŸ˜›

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      1. I also learned there is a whole Pumpkinhead series. Nick pointed out to me that Pumpkinhead was Mayim Bialik’s first movie. She plays one of those hillbilly kids who are weirdly all dressed in brown clothes.

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  3. That’s one productive July lady! I really like Fullmetal Alchemist but I’ve never sat down and watched every episode back to back. Rob is a HUGE fan though. He said Brotherhood is the best.
    How are you liking Ninth House so far?
    Cherokee is so freaking handsome.
    I cannot wait until your first draft is done. πŸ˜€


  4. Honey cornbread muffins sound AMAZING. I grew up not liking cornbrreak (which almost got me kicked out of my family lol), but now that I’m older I love it. I think because it wasn’t as sweet as I would’ve liked it and as a kid I wanted more sweet than savory hehe.

    I love that blue haired lady. I feel like she’d have a lot of awesome adventures to write about β™₯

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    1. Haha I’m like that with a lot of foods, too. I definitely like my cornbread on the sweeter side also. C&M and I used to make cornbread with condensed milk (one of our weird little childhood food concoctions we’d make) and we loved it. Now that I’m an adult, I’d like to retry it and see if it actually stands the test of time. πŸ™‚
      And thank you! The blue haired lady I drew is actually kind of loosely what I picture when I envision one of my characters in my book so that’s really cool that you thought that when you saw her. πŸ˜€

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