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Week 1 of Corpsetober Art Challenge

Can you believe the first week of October is already over? I managed to do most of the prompts for the first week of Corpsetober, an art challenge that this year presents you with very innocent-seeming prompts, but then dares you to make them horrific, spooky, or Halloweenie in whatever way you see fit. It’s been a lot of fun so far, especially since I’m not stressing myself out to complete each prompt for each day.

Prompt 1: Sunday Funnies (Comic Strips)

I had to go with an absolute childhood favorite of mine for this prompt, and choose Calvin & Hobbes.


Prompt 2: Childhood Toys

I actually never owned a Furby as a kid, but I remember them being very popular, and the recent Netflix animated film The Mitchell’s vs. The Machines has an amazing scene with Furbies that this pic I drew was directly inspired by.

Untitled_Artwork (17)

Prompt 3: Retro Video Games (The 80’s)

It was so hard to pick which game to go with, but in the end I picked Pac-Man. Not only because it’s awesome, but also because I knew it would be pretty quick to draw. πŸ˜›


Prompt 4: Superheroes

I thought Zatanna would be a good choice for something fun and spooky, with her pulling some tentacled creature from her hat. I’ve always wanted to draw her, so this was a good excuse to do that.


Prompt 7: Mermaids

I love drawing mermaids. ❀ Especially creepy mermaids. This Deep Sea Mermaid was fun since I gave her a color scheme for when she was closer to the surface, and one for when she was down in the darker, deep waters. She was inspired by a few different sea creatures, some of which include: the angler fish, frilled shark, and leopard seal to name a few.


Bonus Drawings Just for Fun:

Even though I didn’t end up doing 2 of the prompts (Memes and Doggos), I did end up working on these 2 drawings instead.


Untitled_Artwork (15)

I hope you guys enjoyed my weird little drawings this week. Haha I know I certainly had a lot of fun making them. πŸ™‚ What have you been working on this October? Any goals or projects you’re working on this month?



14 thoughts on “Week 1 of Corpsetober Art Challenge

  1. Ferbies were creepy when they first came out! They were this weird toy that required some technology know-how that most parents didn’t seem to have, so I remember a lot of folks getting frustrated with them. There was also the paranoia that they would remember you saying something you didn’t want them to! Ack! Great drawings, D!

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    1. Haha Thank you!! ❀ And now that you mention it, they really are kind of creepy. πŸ˜› Did you watch The Mitchells vs. The Machines? I loved the whole movie but the Furby bit was probably my favorite. lol


      1. I did! I enjoyed that movie quite a bit. I like how many cartoon movies are moving away from the princess story. It’s so creepy that a sixteen-year-old girl is getting married in all the old Disney films.

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  2. I love that Calvin and Hobbes one, because you know that’s totally something they’d do lol. I’m SO happy there’s more creepy stuff being done with mermaids now, because uh they were ORIGINALLY creepy, and there’s so much you can do with them. I *might* have a few story ideas about merfolk.

    Ahhh October is almost over now D:


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