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Long Time No See!

*Gently dusts off blog like it’s an ancient relic from an archeological site.* Hello, there! It’s certainly been a while. I hope everyone is doing well. ❀ I’ve been away working on my mental health and trying to adjust to slowly reentering the world again after the past couple years of mostly living the pandemic hermit life.


I am seeing a new primary care physician who is wonderful and has been so helpful in starting my journey in actually treating my depression and anxiety. I’ve “lived” with these issues for far too long and I finally have had enough. Something had to give. I’m already seeing a world of difference. We’re still in the process of nailing down the right course of action for me, but I really do think we’re on the right track. I’m hoping it will help me become a lot more productive with all of my goals/ongoing projects as well. πŸ™‚


Mr. Moth and I are out of town right now visiting with our besties Mr. and Mrs.Β Cupcakes & Machetes for the weekend to celebrate C&M’s birthday! ❀ We gave her her prezzies, went bowling (which was surprisingly a total blast!), tried a delicious restaurant none of us had tried before, played video games, and made plans for lots of exciting upcoming adventures! It feels so good to be making actual plans again. πŸ˜€


Also, speaking of exciting plans, keep your peepers open for an upcoming update over on the Sugar and Scream blog as we finally plan to resurrect it from its long slumber.

Looking forward to catching up on your guys’ blogs soon, but if you have any special news I’ve missed while I’ve been away, let me know! πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Long Time No See!

  1. I cannot thank you guys enough for an absolutely awesome birthday celebration! ❀
    I'm excited that you've dusted off this tome and we're going to resurrect our joint blog too. Speaking of, I'll be text you tomorrow about a couple of ideas I have. ^_^

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  2. I feel like anything with me that you may have missed likely got to you via C&M. 🀣

    I’m so glad you are starting your journey talking about mental health. It’s hard and confusing, but things do get better. If you’re trying a medication, it may take switching types or doses (I’ve switched maybe 3-4 times). If you’re talking to a counselor, you may discover that THIS person isn’t the right style for you (I switched to someone who wasn’t an optimist — I couldn’t stand talking to a counselor who sounded like that “Hang in there” cat poster). But it DOES get better, especially if you have goals and support, and I totally know you have both. You got this.

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    1. Thank you. ❀ I definitely need to keep in mind that it is indeed a journey. The past couple days have been a little frustrating in that department. I can totally see how having a counselor like that would be not as helpful as they probably think they're being. It does remind me though of the drag queen BenDeLaCreme who often describes themself as "terminally delightful". πŸ˜› Thanks again so much for the support! ❀


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