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Latest Drawings Round-Up






18 thoughts on “Latest Drawings Round-Up

  1. That was a roller coaster of emotions! The first one was so sad and punched me right in the guts. The second one has the lady with the coat with stitches right up the chest. I immediately saw it as a major surgery and her heart was repaired compared to the first lady. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but maybe that’s what art is about (also I have surgery on the brain *gulp*). That last picture just warmed me, like the girl was finally able to go outside and be with friends.

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    1. I really like your interpretation of the different pieces! 😀 It’s always cool to see how different people perceive the same material in different ways. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these! ❤


      1. You’re welcome! I went to school for an MFA in fiction writing, so I think I tend to make a story out of just about everything. Even the weird hole in the backyard of my new house, which I have dubbed the anaconda hole, cuz that’s how big in circumference it is, and it curves so you can’t see down or anything. I even threw a dead bird in there to see if I could make friend-os with the anaconda. Just a friendly reminder that I live in Indiana and my brain has a big imagination, lol.

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      2. Haha that’s hilarious. Wise idea to try to make friends with the anaconda just in case. 😉 Back when I was a teenager a friend and I used to always try to swim across the lake her grandma’s house was on, and without fail, every time we got to about the middle we’d start talking about anacondas and other things that might pull us under and we’d swim back to shore as quickly as we could. lol


      3. If I ever did that (get out in the middle of the lake and start talking snakes), you’d have to call the coast guard to come save my fear-paralysis ass, and we wouldn’t even be on the coast. They’d have to helicopter in the coast guard.

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