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Fan Art Friday #1

Happy Friday! Oof, what a week. I won’t get into the details but it’s been a rough one to say the least. I know my last post was also a big blogging announcement but guess what, I’ve got another one I’m excited to be sharing. 🙂 I finally bit the bullet and updated my art arsenal with the iPad Pro and accessories and I’m in love. ❤ We’re talking head over heels, hearts for eyes levels of in LOVE. I’ve been watching tutorials and getting tips from a friend at work and it’s been so much fun learning all sorts of cool new techniques and tricks to improve my drawings. I’m looking forward to this exciting new step in my drawing journey. So much to learn and I’m loving it. Which brings me to today’s announcement regarding Fan Art Fridays, a new semi-weekly type of post I’m hoping to include moving forward in my blog. It won’t necessarily be each and every Friday, but I hope to make it a pretty regular type of post from this point onward. 🙂 

To kick things off, I decided to go with two horror comedy icons, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and Audrey II from The Little Shop of Horrors. These are both my first illustrations using my new iPad Pro so there’s plenty for me to learn and work on but I had a lot of fun with them just the same! 🙂


I’m hoping my new tools of the trade will help me stay motivated with my drawing and that I’ll have a lot more art posts to share with you guys in the months to come. I think these Fan Art Fridays will be a fun way to get my creativity going when I don’t know what I want to draw, too.


What are your favorite horror comedies? I think the two genres work really well together and have always been a fan when the two collide. Fun Fact: I made a full rough draft to a horror comedy graphic novel back in the day and I still have it. Maybe at some point I’ll breathe some new life into those old pages for fun and post some of the images here. 😉

Have a great weekend!! ❤