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* Happy Mother’s Day! *

Woo! It’s Mother’s Day and I figured it would be fun to have the spotlight be on my own mom today. I consider myself very lucky to have the mom I do. Both of my parents are pretty damn amazing, but today’s Mother’s Day so it’s all about Mama Moth! 😛


I went ahead and did an interview with the lovely lady I call Mom so you guys could get to know a bit more about one of the people who shaped me into who I am today.

Q: Are you more of a Science Fiction or Fantasy fan? Or both?

A: Fantasy! Your dad’s more into science fiction than I am.

Q: Favorite Mythological Creature?

A: Pegasus.


Q: Favorite Visual Artists?

A: Ooh, I have so many. I love Brom. There’s Dali. Michael Parkes, Amy Brown and Brian Froud. I feel like I could keep going but I’ll stop with those.

PicMonkey Collage art.png

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

A: My kids. Watching you grow up into individuals. Spending time with you guys.

Q: What does your ideal “Girl’s Day Out” consist of?

A: Three things. Bookstore, Chinese restaurant, and then top it all off with iced cappuccinos.

Q: Favorite Family vacation?

A: Florida. All the winter breaks we spent in Florida were always nice.


Q: What is one interest you had growing up that you’re surprised neither of your kids ever got into like you did?

A: Well, you like books like I do, you like art like I do, you like animation. You’re like a mini me, except a better version. So, probably sports. I think that’s about it, because you like baking and cooking and everything else I like. So yeah, sports.

Q: Do you think your kids look more like you or their Dad?

A: Your brother looks like my side of the family, but you definitely look like your dad’s side. So it’s a 50/50.

Q: Why were books so important to bring your kid up on and make sure they had in their life?

A: Because books are the best. They just rule. You could escape into another world and be who ever you want to be.


Q: What are some of your favorite movies?

A: Hmmm . . . well, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, all of the Studio Ghibli Movies . . . oh, and Overboard!

movie collage.png

Q: Favorite Candy?

Black licorice

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your husband?

A: (Smiles.) He always makes me laugh and he’s got a good heart.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your children?

(About my brother) He’s my gentle giant. He has an old soul. He’s just such a sweet and loving person.

(About me) You, my dear, always make me laugh, you have such a great heart and you always care about others. Just an all around great person to be around. And you make bad ass cupcakes.

Q: How would you describe your family?

A: We’re a nerd family who is fabulous. I wouldn’t trade any of you guys for anything. Except maybe a Choco Taco (evil mom laugh). No, seriously, I think our family’s a good family. Each of us is willing to help others and that makes it even better.


Please note that at the end of interview my mom declared “DONE!” and pretended to drop a mic. lol

20 thoughts on “* Happy Mother’s Day! *

  1. Hehe I enjoyed this more than I expected. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but it was very cool. Your mum (mom) sounds very cool and it sounds like you’re a chip off the old block haha. A few years back I bought mum, for Mother’s Day, a biography book that she had to fill in and give back. It’s really cool because I learnt things about her I never knew. I’m a very proud mummy’s boy hehe.

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    1. Haha, Thank you so much!! 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. Yeah, my mom’s a lot of fun. I love hanging out with her. That biography book you bought your mom sounds so cool! I’d love to get something like that for mine. It’s always neat learning new things about the people we’ve known all our lives. ^_^

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  2. This was awesome! I teared up a bit while reading some of your mother’s responses. Thank you for including a great Mother’s Day post and letting us know a little more about you and your family. I hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day! Enjoy your week!

    -Luna 😀

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  3. Awww your mom sounds so adorable and cool at the same time! I love her reason for why books are important to be part of her children’s lives and she’s just like, “Because they’re the best and they just rule.” Best answer to that question ever 👌
    Also chocolate tacos??? How have I lived nineteen years without knowing such existence?? ❤

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    1. Aw, thank you so much!! 😀
      Yeah, choco tacos are delicious! Though kind of hard to find sometimes. You’d think they’d be more popular, because they are seriously amazing. Apparently they make a version that has peanut butter ice cream in it but I have yet to see it in person.

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      1. Yes, and yes! 😀 October 11th. Good memory! Sounds like a great plan. I think she’d really like that. She loves margaritas too so we could always include those in the mix as well. haha 😛

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