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Just Checking In

Hey, guys! ❤ I just wanted to pop in to check and see how my blogging buddies are doing during these strange and scary times. It’s been a while. February I was sick with the flu, then with a wicked sinus infection, and then had a work injury to my hand, so I failed at doing my once-a-month-minimum blog post, but I wasn’t beating myself up about it. I figured March HAD to be a better month, right? Right?? Oh, boy, what a sweet, sweet summer child I was . . . 😦

Part of the Quarantine Art Challenge I’ve been participating in

I hope you guys are all doing well, staying healthy, and staying sane while in Quarantine. For those of you who are still working during all of this, I genuinely hope your patients, customers, etc. are treating you kindly and that your place of employment is doing their best to keep you safe and well. ❤

My last day of work was March 13th. I work at a day program for adults with special needs so we tend to follow the guidelines of the schools. Our return-to-work date has been pushed back three times and I would honestly be surprised if it doesn’t get pushed back again. My work is doing the best they can to take care of us though which I am beyond thankful for. ❤ I’ve only left the house once in the past 2 weeks. My fiance Mr. Moth is here with me, and we’ve got our kitty Bailey here with us. They’re both amazing Quarantine Buddies. 🙂

TV SHOWS:  Shameless  /  The Masked Singer  /  Lego Masters  /  The Daily Show

MOVIES: The Pit /  Spencer Confidential / Us / Get Out / A Quiet Place  /  Spider-Man: Far From Home

BOOKS: The Exorcist /  The Lost City of Z / Tank Girl Armadillo!: A Novel / Nevernight / The Indifferent Stars Above (I’m hopping a lot between books right now.) 😛

ART: I’ve worked a bit on a Quarantine Art Challenge, done some really interesting research for my writing, and some mapping (also for my writing project)

GAMES: Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice / Unruly Heroes

BAKING: Banana Bread / Rainbow Chip Cake Cookies

We’re doing okay in the Moth Household, and I hope you guys are all doing okay, too. How are things in your neck of the woods? Who are your Quarantine Buddies? What have you been up to during all of this? What’s keeping you sane?


11 thoughts on “Just Checking In

  1. Hey IM, glad you’re safe & well. I’m cooped up with the missus (which is fine), a 10 year old (less fine) and a teenager (horrid), but I’m still sucking air & getting paid, so mustn’t grumble I suppose 🙂

    Biggest drawbacks are missing real people, missing my office canteen and missing the gym. I’m getting by with lots of Zoom meetings with colleagues, phone calls in the evening, painting minis and chucking big rocks around in the garden… Strange days indeed!

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  2. Love the art. I’m glad your work is looking after you. I know a few people who’s work aren’t or can’t look after them. Another buddy of mine has had to close down his travel agency. I’m lucky enough to still be working. Most of my clients are doing well but I worry about the elderly ones a lot. I try to help where I can.

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    1. Thank you! ^_^
      I’m glad you’re still able to continue working, just be safe out there. I’m so worried about everyone I know who is out there working right now. So many people are being complete asses during this and not caring about how they put themselves and others at risk. 😦 Sorry about your friend’s travel agency. That’s such a shame. Hopefully things will be able to go back to normal soon. I know it will take time and not be all at once, especially with the people who are so resistant to social distancing making it take that much longer, but it’ll be nice returning to normalcy at some point. 🙂

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  3. Hey there my friend, glad you’re keeping safe. It’s a very weird time everywhere, sort of like a zombie-less apocalypse for sure. I work for a college myself and our schools and colleges have closed for, at least, the next 5 months, so I currently have a ton of time on my hands. So, I’m preparing loads of articles for the Precinct, working on my Black Rose comic, and playing oodles of Video-games including – Resident Evil Revelations 2, Rune Factory 4 plus my life game – Skyrim (probably be playing that one forever!) Take care, and my best to yourself, Mr Moth and Bailey. 🙂

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    1. That’s great! I’m glad you’re keeping yourself busy with things you enjoy! 🙂 I can’t imagine how people are getting through quarantine without hobbies. I’d go nuts! lol Hopefully some people are either finding new hobbies or finding their way back to old ones they just haven’t had time for in ages. 🙂
      Glad you’re staying safe as well! Speaking of zombies, I saw a funny little thing online about how the people who keep breaking the social distancing rules are the same people who would hide that they were bitten during a zombie apocalypse and cause all hell to break loose once they turned. lol Seemed pretty accurate to me! 😛

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  4. Ugh, your February sounds like a preview for March that no one wanted or deserves, though in a way I’m glad you got the flu then and not now. It would be scarier now because of what’s going on if that makes any sense. We’re doing okay where we are. I’ve been working remotely since March 9. Mr. TSN was sadly laid offed/furloughed, which I’m not surprised by since he does accounting for a school bus company. So school, no need for school buses, so no need for his company at the moment. PA’s governor took the smart approach and closed schools for the rest of the year as well as issuing a stay at home order. I’m frustrated seeing the things happening in Florida (open beaches) and people protesting. It’s like…no one reads, understands, or cares about history and I can’t deal with it. This happened in 1918 with that flu pandemic. People got tired of the social distancing and everyone went to a parade, which caused a resurgence and more fatalities. It’s like humans have NO memory whatsoever.

    I haven’t left the house since I’ve been working from home, and I’m totally okay with that. I have the FFVII Remake to keep me more than entertained along with all of my projects lol. While I was sort of considering doing karaoke for my birthday later this month, I’m totally okay with just cake and wine as usual lol. I am really said that both Chinese food places are closed though 😦 Stupid racism and xenophobia. I’m hoping both of them survive after this is over.


      1. I’m thinking I’ll do an end of the month post of all the books I read and what I rated them, just not in depth reviews. Plus, I’ll keep track of my book resolutions for the year. 🙂


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