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New Year, New Goals: The 2022 Edition


When you’re trying to be productive in the new year by starting a new Planner and your cat decides to flop down on your pens and stickers for it like, “Nah. Our only plan for today is to be lazy and comfy.”

Happy New Year! ❀ I hope everyone had a great holiday season and is ready to kick some ass in the new year, and by that I mean, of course, find and do all the things that make you happiest in life. πŸ™‚

Now, before we get on with this year’s resolutions, let’s see how I did with my goals for 2021. *drum roll, please!*

After the dumpster fire that was 2020, I decided to be gentle with myself when setting goals for 2021. I really wanted to work on my focus last year. My brain is all over the place all the time, my attention span sucks, and I have a tendency to start ALL the things and complete almost none of them. (It’s not beating yourself up when it’s 100% truuuue!) πŸ˜€


That said, I think I nailed this goal. 2021 was the year I completed the first draft of my book I’ve been working on, which was a HUGE milestone that I’m very proud of. ❀

My other goals had been to push myself out of my comfort zone more, and to work on my mental health. I think these were both kind of a mixed bag for me, and they’re things I’d like to continue to work on in 2022.

SO, that said, let’s get into the year at hand: 2022 πŸ˜€

Goal #1: Finish the second draft of my book. I’d really like to get this done by mid to late summer if I can.

Goal #2: Work on my overall well-being. Health, Mental Health, Working on my goals, but also making sure to set aside time to have fun.

Goal #3: I set my Goodreads goal for 20 books/graphic novels this year. I wanted to keep the number of books I read reasonable since I will be spending so much time writing. Another part of my reading goal is that I primarily want to read things I already own.

Goal #4: Scheduling my days and living by a solid collection of To-Do Lists is how I thrive, so I want to try to structure my days out a little better this year so I have time for all of the things I enjoy and want to achieve.

Goal #5: I’ve been struggling with making time for drawing AND writing, so I’d like to try to find some balance there if I can.

What are your goals for the new year? How did you do on last year’s resolutions if you made them? What things are you most excited for in 2022?



17 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals: The 2022 Edition

  1. A great list and well done on getting the first draft done. As long as you are always making forward steps in everything you do you’ll have a great year. Making yourself happy first is key to a happy existence. Some people think it’s silly or selfish but I believe it’s vital. Happy 2022 love!!!

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  2. Good work lady! Finishing that first draft was so exciting for you AND me! lol. I am glad that you are having fun with the second draft and I can’t wait to read that as well this fall.
    We did pretty good on our goals to pay down bills and begin replacing our wardrobes in 2021. For 2022, we’ll continue paying down our debt as I would like to get to a place that if I wanted to quit my job, I could. Not sure what 2022 will hold in that department. Yesterday was the first day of work of the year and I was ready to collapse 3/4 the way through the day. I don’t know that pharmacy will slow down in the coming days like I had hoped. In fact, I think the profession as a whole may be on the brink of destruction. Will explain that one on the phone some time.
    Anywho! Not trying to be a Debbie Downer in the first week lmao. We’ll be fine no matter what happens. 2022 might just be the year of big changes!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I can’t wait for you to be able to read the next draft either! πŸ˜€
      Your feedback and encouragement has been so amazingly helpful and really helped keep me motivated and less stressed about it! ❀
      It's been over a month since I've done anything on WP apparently, so I know we've talked, texted, and video chatted a bunch since this comment but I think making 2022 the year of big changes sounds like a fantastic plan! You gotta do what makes you happy, and you know I will be rooting you on each and every step of the way! ❀


  3. !!!!!! I am also a calendar/lists person! I’ve been on break from school for weeks now, and my calendar legit says things like “shower” and “check blog comments” and (I kid you not) “leave the apartment.”

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    1. Hahaha I love that your to-do lists are so detailed. So are mine! πŸ˜› Apparently my husband’s brother-in-law saw my pre-wedding to-do list on the counter the day of the wedding and was baffled at how insanely detailed it was. lol

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    1. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ And that’s a very good point. It’s definitely tricky sometimes finding the right balance, so reminders to look after your mental health are so important. I will do my best. πŸ™‚


  4. The balance is SO difficult. You should be nothing but proud of yourself for finishing the first draft! I don’t know if I can say “X is the hardest part of writing” because it varies from person to person, but I’ve found I work better when I have SOMETHING. Even if I have to fix or update damn near everything, I just think it’s easier to mold clay rather than make it from scratch lol. I remember reading how writing the first draft is shoveling sand into the box and the rest is building the castle.

    I set my reading goal to 30 since I had it at 25 last year but I managed to read 30 so I think I can manage that. I want to read more graphic novels since those are generally really easy to breeze through πŸ™‚


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